Kingston HyperX Predator DDR4 Review

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The Kingston HyperX Predator DDR4 memory truly performs and out-performs the competitors, with the best in class timings for DDR4 memory, lets take a closer look at the performance benchmarks.

Video Review

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Predator – 16GB Kit* (4x4GB) – DDR4 2400MHz CL12 Intel XMP DIMM

DDR4, 2400MHz, CL12, 1.35V, Unbuffered


  • JEDEC: DDR4-2133 CL15-15-15 @1.2V
  • XMP Profile #1: DDR4-2400 CL12-13-13 @1.35V
  • XMP Profile #2: DDR4-2133 CL13-13-13 @1.2V

A Closer Look


The first thing you will be seeing is the memory itself and the built quality , than you will be glad you made the purchase because of how solid the piece feels in your hands and the heat that it will kill when its in your system.


I give the HyperX Predator a 5 out of 5 on the heat-sink , as they did an excellent job in constructing it, the heat-sink feels and is very solid built with great heat dissipation design.


On the side we see the thickness of the heat-sink which i love, the direct contact that it is making with the PCB with nice soft corners it truly deserves a name like the predator.


Test System

  • Motherboard – Asus X99-Deluxe
  • Processor – Intel i7-5930K @ 3.50GHz
  • Graphics Card: Asus STRIX-GTX 980
  • RAM – Varies By Reviews
  • CPU Liquid Cooler – Nzxt Kraken x61
  • Power Supply – EVGA SuperNOVA 1000 P2 PLATINUM
  • Boot Drive – Intel 730
  • Operating System: Windows 8.1


In our memory benchmarks we usually use a few software which we think are best suited to tell the performance of the memory in this case we have used these software’s:

  • Aida 64 Cache & Memory
  • Sandra 2015
  • 3DMark Firestrike / Sky Diver Physics Score
  • x264 HD Benchmark 5.0
  • Winrar Resulting score
  • 7zip MIPS Score

Aida 64 Cache & Memory Benchmark

aida bench

In the Aida64 we see the actual numbers of which the memory performs, this particula test was completed without any overclocking, because i like seeing how things perform in real life; nevertheless the HyperX Predator performed impressive numbers.

Sandra 2015

Sandra bench
Memory Bandwidth Sandra

Sandra 2015 scores are excellent comparing XMP 2.0 on and off there is a difference you can see in the score an increase on average of 3GB/s

3DMark Firestrike & Skydiver

firestrike physics
sky diver physics oc

On the 3DMark we only did a custom test on both the Fire Strike and Sky Diver, testing out the physics score is where we can have an idea of the memory performance, although the CPU plays a major role here too  we received  impressive physics score numbers.


Results for x264.exe r2200

x264 Benchmark: 32-bit


Pass 1


encoded 5906 frames, 90.85 fps, 7787.14 kb/s
encoded 5906 frames, 90.08 fps, 7787.14 kb/s
encoded 5906 frames, 90.68 fps, 7787.14 kb/s
encoded 5906 frames, 90.84 fps, 7787.14 kb/s

Pass 2


encoded 5906 frames, 23.06 fps, 8001.61 kb/s
encoded 5906 frames, 23.07 fps, 8001.61 kb/s
encoded 5906 frames, 23.12 fps, 8001.61 kb/s
encoded 5906 frames, 23.03 fps, 8001.61 kb/s



winrar test ddr4



In the Winrar and 7zip results we clearly see the results on how next generation systems always make a difference, comparing the DDR4 and DDR3 , the Kingston HyperX Predator preforms excellent in every aspect.




winrar test ddr4

Here we are comparing the HyperX Predator DDR4 with a DDR3 memory you can clearly see the difference from 11,130 to a big jump in the DDR4 of 16,094 if that does not make you want to switch to an X99 system I don’t know what will.

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