[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/1″][vc_column_text]The price has finally unveiled , at first there is going to be 2 different packs, the first one which is $499 included 2 batteries and a the color of your choice from Blue, Red or yellow. the second version which is $899 that will include the Parrot Bepop Drone and the SkyController.

The feather weight Bepop Drone has been awaited a little long but its finally going to be here on December.

The Parrot Bepop Drone is 8 times more powerful than the last generation off AR Drone 2.0 with a P7 Dual Core CPU and a quad core GPU with 8GB flash memory.

Having a GPS built in makes everything just way more cooler, the Bepop will know its way home after going for a spin.


The 14 Megapixels camera equipped with fish-eye is able to achieve pictures and 1080p videos in a 180° field of view with the smart 3-axes stabilization which makes for a perfect shot.

The free-flight 3.0 application allows you to see the speed, altitude, and different piloting modes such as using the accelerometer or a joystick.

The coolest option for any drone is GPS flight plan , the Bepop is integrated with the GNSS chipset that is assosiated with GPS, Glonass and Galileo,  by making way points the Drone takes flight to the destinations you set and it does it in auto pilot mode, which is also great for surveillance setting up points.


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