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We are going to take a look at something very luxurious, the Eco Essential Pen and Pencil from (now n then) which takes craftsmen ship to next level with the great simplicity and detail.




Right from the get go when you receive the package you will notice there is something with quality inside the box tells how the product is as much as the product itself, inside the eco packaging we have the nicely packed pen and pencil and the accessories.


In the Gift Set (Pen + Pencil) we have the 5 set of color rings,  Pilot Hi-Tec-C and Pilot G2 pen inserts, Stylus Nib.

A Closer Look

The quality and smoothness of the aluminum and Bamboo like wood feels very nice in the hand, right when I saw the pen I could see it at a CEO’s Desk, it just has that luxurious look to it.

Both the pen and mechanical pencil with a 0.5mm are very light and they don’t feel bulky in the hand which is a very positive thing.



Eco-Essential Pen

Taking everything apart its something you can do with ease, from color personalization to swapping the ink inserts. The interchangeable core makes changing the ink inserts a breeze  this current set we have has black and red ink with 0.5 extra fine tip Hi-Tec-C  Roller Ball.

Eco-Essential Pencil

The Eco Pencil has quality written all over it, the 0.5mm  core mechanical parts are made in Japan which I was happy to see. A pencil never looked this elegant before.

The Pilot 0.5 extra fine tip Hi-Tec-C  Roller Ball pen inserts, makes writing precision excellent, the high quality ink from Pilot is great which will not leave any smudges on the paper, as I tried multiple times writing and trying to smudge it with my finger as it did nothing which I was very surprised at.

The Set of 5 color: Red, Green, Blue, Orange, Black makes the color personalization great so you can match everything at your desk. It is very easy to change the colors twist put the right color and twist back.

What I love about the Eco essential pen and pencil that it allows you to personalize your pen as you want, if you don’t want to put on the Stylus Nib on it is very easy to change it to the aluminum cap which is a great addition.



The Integrated Stylus-Nib makes it easy to switch from paper to touch screen which works out great which just makes things more versatile.

Here is the link to the company website so you can grab one of these amazing craftsmanship pens or pencil’s.

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