Powerbyproxy has totally changed the way we are going to recharge batteries, this new revolutionary system is going to be popular as soon as it reaches peoples hands, this will be the way we charge our smartphones, camera to every consumer electronics that uses batteries.



The great thing about this new technology there will no need to put an extra case on your smartphone so you can charge it.

Power by Proxy as developed the worlds first wirelessly rechargeable as batteries,

proxi smartphone app

PowerbyProxy in the no to distant future are planing to release a smartphone app that will notify the user the status of the batteries and telling the user when the batteries are almost done.


The great thing about the wireless batteries you wont have to remove screws in toys so you can put new batteries in, with this you can directly put the product in the recharging unit, without removing any covers, making this very easy and user friendly.

PowerbyProxy The Future In Rechargeable Batteries (video)


With the pad you can charge many devices at once, very little space consuming.

Awaiting to get a hands-on than i will do a in detail video review.

The possibilities are endless with this new technology.