Leap Motion Controller

leap motion

Leap motion controller is a gesture recognition box, which you can use as a mouse or to play games, this is a cool concept which is coming to life.

I cannot wait to try this in a driving game, if it looks as good as the video and as long as it doesn’t delay it will be an amazing product.

Leap Motion state that is more accurate than using a mouse , if that is true that means it will be in so many users hands.

The Leap Motion will also be great for 3d applications such as 3D studio max to control the model or to interact with the 3d environment that would be amazing.


The Leap Motion controller will be compatible with Window users ,and Mac Users with Linux coming at a later date.

If you want to pre oder this cool amazing product, visit their site at LeapMotion


 Leap Motion Controller Available On May 13th (video)