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Secrets Of The Great White Shark

Duh Duh. Duh duh duh duh duh! I think we’ve all heard that music go through our heads at some time or other when we’ve been in the swimming pool or seas. Definitely in the sea! But even though the Great White Shark is one of the most fearsome creatures on the planet, they really are an amazing feat of natural selection.


After all, a shark attack is only the shark searching for some food to survive. Maybe if it sat down with a knife and fork it would be more sociably acceptable. Plus most sharks don’t even want to eat humans, we are far too bony; not enough meat! So let’s cut the Great White Shark a break, and here’s a few more amazing facts about these magnificent beasts!


Give a Shark a Chance

There are almost four hundred different species of sharks across the globe, yet only four of them will hurt humans, and only really by accident. They are not looking for humans; after all, we live on land, so they barely know we exist! Most of the time the shark thinks we are something else, particularly whilst lying on a surfboard, as from underneath we look like a particularly tasty turtle.


Lonely at the Top (of the food chain!)


You’ll never hear many people say, ‘aaaah, poor Great White Sharks’, but did you know that as soon as they are born, they instantly swim away to start their life alone. Baby Great White Sharks are pretty big when they are born, up to 1.5metres, and there can be up to twelve of them at a time. So they start and live their lives alone, unlike most other animals, poor Great White Sharks!


Fussy Eaters
Great White shark

If you think that Great White Sharks are just swimming around the sea, eating anything that moves then skittering off, you are very much mistaken. What they actually do is have a quick nibble to see if the object is worth their digestive time. The sea happens to have far the biggest menu on the planet, so I guess the Great White is allowed to be a fussy eater and even though they are under threat, they are not the kind of animal you should try to adopt! Just try your best to stay off the menu!


You see, Great White Sharks are pretty cool. They don’t have an innate taste for human flesh, most of the time they don’t even know we’re there. So let’s give them a chance to have a bit of a reputation reversal. After all, they were abandoned at birth to live their life alone. Let’s cut them some slack!


My name is Sandra Wheeler. I have been passionate about sharks since reading ‘Jaws’ at a young age. I think the book is better than the movie though! As well as sharks, I’m into coral reef exploration and every kind of seafaring activity.

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