Something Cool Worlds First All Rubber Speaker With Amazing Results

The rubber speakers are made from artificial this muscles which is soft and bassy.

This new material produces way better quality and bass compared to piezoelectric or film type speakers, which are used in our smartphones and speakers today.

The advantage for this kind of rubber speakers is the low frequency sound it can produce which can result in way better quality of sound in small devices such as smartphones which the sound doesn’t sound that good .

This is the first speakers in existence of this kind that can produce low frequencies in such a small speaker.

The rubber speaker consists a rubber in the middle of electrodes also with non conductive rubber. When voltage is is give to the rubber electrodes, it causes the plane of rubber to expand , which the sound waves generate and repeat expansion and restoration.

Is there any chance that the rubber speakers will be used on a Galaxy S4 which is coming out in May 2013

The Video of the rubber Speaker in action

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