[dropcap1]I[/dropcap1]ntroducing, DoorBot see who is in front of your door, lockitron smartphone control the new way of seeing who is in front of your door by using a smartphone or a tablet, ios or android. The cool thing about the DoorBoot you can control it from anywhere in the world.

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A Smart Door bell that has Wi-Fi Enabled

There are no modification’s to be made to the door as this can be placed anywhere and height you want, as this uses 6 double a batteries which can last 1 year during normal use.

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When someone touches the button of the Doorbot youw smartphone will ring immidiatly with live video stream so you can accept to speak to the person or pretend like your are not home.

Introducing Lockitron which is integrated in the app with Doorbot which acts as a door lock which can also be controlled with the same doorbot app.


Basically what lockitron is a door lock which you can open the door for someone when you see them on the doorbot which will make it easy if family is coming over or friends then you can open the door remotely from you smartphone or tablet.

Est. delivery: July 2013

The Prices:

DoorBot $189.00

DoorBot with Lockitron $339.00