The Benefits Of Green Automotive Technology

These days, green cars are among the most hotly debated subjects in the automotive industry. While green cars are still in their infancy, there are several benefits to buying a green vehicle, from the environmental to the financial. Here are some highlights of the debate about green cars.


Essentially Green and Cost Effective

By their very nature, green cars are more ecofriendly, compared to standard fuel guzzlers. A hybrid, or electric, motor gives off less damaging emissions than a petrol powered motor and causes less harm to the environment. Furthermore, a green vehicle uses a lower amount of fossil fuels, which are in rapid decline.



There are two kinds of green, “save the wallet” green and “save the world” green. The majority of green cars satisfy both of this criteria simultaneously, saving your hard earned money, while saving the planet as well. Savings on fuel are difficult to gauge, due to the huge difference in driver habits, electricity costs and fuel costs. However, several experts have estimated that owners of green vehicles spend from 5-10 times less on fuel. Although they still need to plug their car in during the evening (which normally increases their electricity bill), fuel is more expensive than electricity in most locations.

Exhaust Pipe of Electric Cars

Flexibility Leads to Further Savings

Green vehicles, particularly hybrid vehicles, are versatile and can be utilized as required. Hybrid vehicles can remain in electric mode during shorter journeys, enabling their owners to travel to work and return without using up any petrol. This could save a large amount of cash over the long run.


Moreover, whenever they are required for more lengthy journeys, a hybrid green vehicle can be instantly changed into petrol mode and used for a cross country trip. The owner retains total control over how the hybrid vehicle is driven. These vehicles are not restricted to shorter distances, and they will not necessarily pollute the planet intermittently either. They can operate purely on electricity (whenever possible) and still offer all the advantages of a normal car when needed.


Another big advantage of green vehicles is the lower fuel and road taxes the owners can enjoy. The majority of road taxes are determined based on the kind of fuel the vehicle uses, along with the quantity of emissions it sends into the atmosphere. Many green cars have sufficiently low emission levels to exempt them from road tax. Furthermore, as they burn less fuel, the level of fuel tax is significantly reduced too.


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