What Are The Best Ways To Go Greener At Home?

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What Are The Best Ways To Go Greener At Home


Looking after the environment can be a very frustrating thing to do.  This isn’t because the general population don’t care about climate change and other issues, but because it can become a little tiring always hearing about what we need to do as individuals via various media outlets.

Again, not a massive problem, except for when they follow a report about how we need to be more responsible than ever before by the next that says governments and businesses are again going to miss their own targets.

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Taking Responsibility

Despite this, people are still taking more pride in the reduction of their own carbon footprint than ever before, and feel a real sense of ownership when it comes to protecting the world around them. Part of the reason environmental initiatives can be so successful on a local level is because individuals and families are aware of the money that they can save, too.

There is no shame in admitting that this is the prime motivation for following energy initiatives, especially given the financial strain that most of us find ourselves facing.

What are the best ways to take responsibility, and go greener at home?

Think About Your Shower

For years, the message from environmental groups has been to take a shower instead of a bath because of the level of water it will save.

However, even taking a shower, especially if you are in there for any longer than around 10 minutes, can waste an awful lot of water too.

The solution is to purchase a shower faucet specifically designed to control the flow of water, so that you are only using the water that you actually need rather than wasting liters of it that flows out quickly. You might not see a huge difference in terms of ground rates and water bills, but the water you’ll save will definitely be significant.

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Take the Recycling Challenge

Okay, so you probably recycle quite a lot of things anyway, but have you tried reducing your landfill waste down to an absolute minimum level? That is what the ‘recycling challenge’ is, and it is catching on around the world.

If you are already recycling a lot, then the biggest difference you can probably make is in the way you shop, in terms of double checking that all packaging is recyclable. Having no landfill waste is the ultimate aim; but if you get down to perhaps a small carrier bag of waste, per week, then we’d consider that a victory on your part.

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Give Children an Incentive

Most homes suffer from a green perspective as children simply don’t understand why you say things like “make sure the tap is fully off” or “don’t leave the lights on for no reason.”

Make these things incentive’s for your kids, and you’ll find your energy use and bills falling dramatically. Whether you add pocket money for ensuring environmental initiatives are followed or reward them with a new toy or a day out, the choice is yours.

These are just a few of the ways you can easily go greener at home, without spending a fortune on installing solar panels or other products to help you do so. Make your life as green as possible, and enjoy the benefits in your finances as well as the associated feel good factor.

Robert is passionate about living his life in as green a manner as possible, and a new, water saving shower faucet is one of the many initiatives he has in place around his house to help his family save both energy and money.

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