The Lightest Material In The World

Zhejiang University in China have developed the lightest aerogel material in the world, it is about one-sixth density of air.



world lightest material


The Lightest Material In The World


The main scientist that is in early stages in testing this new material has plans for this material to clean up spills, and it would be able to absorb oil more than ten times its weight.

This new aerogel material is able to absorb around sixty-nine of oil a second which makes it a very fast absorber in oil spills.

The future of this new material will have many other jobs that it can complete.

How is the material made?

It uses an a one atom thickness in sheets with fiber carbon to make it stronger, the scientists have managed to find more simple yet complex ways to make various aerogel shapes and sizes.

This is the newest material to beat world record that was held by the metal lattice for the lightest material in the world.

The amazing picture above as you can see the material floating stamen which doesn’t even effect the flower at all.

via: popsci