The Must Have Hot New Gadgets 2013

There are some hot new gadgets that are a must have for 2013. These gadgets will not only make your life easier but also more interesting.



3M Streaming Projector from Roku
This is a must have hot new gadget for the movie buff. If you thought you cannot have a mini-movie bash wherever you go, then think again. Roku’s 3M Streaming Projector fits in your palm making it great if you are an on-the-move cinema lover. Once you have the streaming stick popped in, you have entrance to everything from Netflix to Hulu.



FitBit Wireless Activity Tracker
This is a must have hot new gadget for the fitness junkie. This gadget helps you keep track of your exercise progress quite easily. You just have to snap the wireless device on the top of your jeans or your bra strap and it will keep track of your steps, the distance you travel and calories burned.



This gadget is for the paranoid $ OCD. This new gadget is a must have if you are the type of person who keeps wondering if you locked the door when you are about halfway from one point to another. Lockitron helps you put your troublesome mind at peace wherever you are. You can check your door’s status with this gadget and it allows you to either lock or unlock from far.



Customizable Jambox Speaker
If you are a music lover, then you already have a sleek, moveable jambox speaker system or you are trying to get one. The Bluetooth-savvy, palm-size device, which can stream music from anyone’s smartphone, is now cooler because you can personalize the speaker with 13 grill hues and 9 cap of colors, for over 100 possible combos.



Camelbak All Clear Water Bottle
This gadget is a must have for the hydrator. It is hard to stay green-minded since most risky public-water outlets make bottles water look very tempting. You can now steer clear with Camelbak’s all clear water bottle. It is more than just a water bottle as it has ultra-violet technologies which purify its contents in just 60 seconds.



Eastern Collective Textile iCablesThis is a device for the textile lover. Sure, you adore your techie toys, but mostly the charging gadgets are not as savvy. Unattractive chargers and white cords clutter your workspace, and that is where the Eastern Collective Textile iCables become handy. Not only will these suit any textile lover or design enthusiast but also they are very affordable.



SpareOne Emergency Phone

This is a must have hot new gadget for you if you are a chronic cell-phone loser. This new device on the market will rid you off your phoneless dilemmas. The gadget works off a single AA battery and it is very handy in emergencies. It functions with or without SIM cards and features geo-location services and an LED light.



Samsung Chromebook: For the Budget-Savvy
Most people today trust Google with each question that pops into their heads hence it only makes perfect sense to use its new laptop as their external brains. This gadget promises to be free from virus and with it you will have all the answers, just like a genius.



Adam is a gadget guy who has gadgets to control his gadgets which control other gadgets. During the day he works for Thingz Gifts, a leading online gift store based in Perth, Western Australia.


Source of images above: pinterest