This Cool new  lighting system where it can be controlled through a touch screen interface. Just like  playing around with Photoshop.

The pen touch display is used to draw around where you would like the room to be brighter.



room lights


There are many uses for this new technology such as personal homes restaurants or where lighting need to be maintained from a distance or a remote location, where you will be able to observe through a camera installed in the ceiling point downward.


lighty control


The uses of this new technology in the restaurants will be a big plus as the user will be able to change the brightness around on every table there are some people that cannot stand darkness and than there are some that would like their table to be darker.


light controlling


Lighty makes  it really easy and user friendly to play around with the lighting system . Will this be in smartphones, of course that’s when you have complete control over the lighting around you. This is all done in real time , which makes it great, this will be in ordinary homes in the future.

Light Controlling Made Cool By Lighty (video)