Cloud computing is no longer a fad or buzzword; it is a fast growing industry that has already begun to take over in the world of business technology. More U.S. businesses are switching over to the cloud than ever and in coming years the transition is expected to grow even more. Companies are attracted by all the benefits the technology can offer especially to small and medium sized businesses that are looking to expand.

Cloud computing offers businesses the potential to not only save money but to grow and develop as an organization. It is predicted that this year, U.S. businesses will spend $13 billion on cloud computing and the global market for cloud equipment will reach $79.1 billion by 2018. With such exponential growth it becomes clear how much cloud computing is already offering companies in terms of business advantages.

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Cloud Computing Growing Quickly

One of the biggest reasons that cloud computing is growing so quickly is the fact that gives businesses concrete and immediate benefits that can boost their company. A business that begins using cloud computing can dramatically reduce IT costs and save a lot of the time and effort spent normally spent on maintaining equipment. Businesses are rapidly switching to cloud computing to take advantage of the possibility to cut their costs and use the money to develop their company.

With cloud computing, small and mid-sized businesses have the chance use advanced technology that they would not have access to in the past because of the expensive equipment. Instead of having to purchase their own servers, small companies can pay for what they use to a cloud provider and never have to worry about building up enough capital to pay for IT equipment.

This kind of possibility is appealing to small companies that are hoping to get off the ground and is one of the main reasons cloud computing has grown and continues to grow.

Cloud Computing Has Gone Mainstream

What started as a brand new technology that many businesses were skeptical about has quickly become mainstream and the option that everyone wants to use. Initially, there were many concerns about the security of cloud computing and whether or not it was safe to share a network instead of having privately owned data onsite.

Those fears may have held back a number of businesses when cloud computing was just beginning to take off. Now that the cloud has proven itself to be secure, its growth is reaching its highest rate. People may have worried about the potential drawbacks but now that cloud computing has become more familiar, businesses are realizing that there plenty of benefits with few drawbacks.

Not Just A Trend

The cloud is more than just a trend that people are talking about. It is growing faster than any other option and is expected to represent a significant portion of most businesses IT budgets in the future.

The cloud has made a big impact on opportunities for all kinds of businesses that can now enjoy affordable IT and focus on more important costs for their company’s development.

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