Watch Dogs. End Article.

We could end it right here, but let’s talk a little about the open World, Next Gen game coming to Gamers every where in about a week.  This is probably the first “Next Gen” game we’re going to see on PC since the release of the “Next Gen” consoles (no I don’t consider Battlefield 4 “Next Gen”).

And people are excited, but as always, with “Next Gen” people are wondering if they have to upgrade their fancy rigs to get the graphics maxed, well according to the developers of the game, you should be able to max it out with a “Mid range” card.  Now “Mid Range” is a touchy subject, in a world where Triple GPU configurations are possible, but for the sake of this article, mid range is the likes of GTX 670/680/760, and Radeon R9 280X / 7970.  Now, this is a “Nvidia” optimized game, so you may get better performance out of those Nvidia cards, but we’ll see next week.

According to the developers, 90% of the team uses a GTX 670, and the game runs @ Ultra (assuming you have a decent quad core+ CPU).  What this means (30fps? 60fps? AA? FXAA?), we’re not sure, but I’m going to assume 30-60fps average and no shader based AA (FXAA), but I’ll take it.