A popular game which Marvel has designed for mobile devices is Marvel War of the Heroes’. They have made this game available for Android and IOS platforms to enable more people to play this. This game has superheroes like Spiderman, Iron man and The Hulk. They have added a wonderful feature in this which enables a player to challenge any other player or to engage him in battles from anywhere in the world. With every battle a player wins or the mission he accomplished, the characters become more enhanced in power and evolved in a way. This is an awesome original piece of art by marvel artists. In case a player wishes to open a challenge but he doesn’t have the feature to do so, he can buy Mobage credits or you can call it Mobage coins.

This game is an excellent example of popularity and that is why the credit system or the Mobage coins are also extended to other games on Mobage for example Blood Brothers, Rage of Bahamut and Hell Fire.

Mobage Coins

Game developers have created their own social network known as Mobage. You have the option of exploring this social network and can discover new games which are shared by other users. This is a wonderful platform for the interaction of game lovers. More than 30 million players are using this platform, you will find many iPhone and Android gaming applications.

Mobage credits or Moba coins are a kind of currency; you can use this to buy special features in your game. The biggest advantage is that when you are playing two or more games and you have to buy credits or different features to enhance your power in the game. You don’t need to go to the publisher for every game you play, you can save a lot of time by paying through Mobage.

How to Save Money on Mobage Credits?

Every player wants to know how to save a couple of bucks when playing this game. Yes, this has become possible to challenge and continue with your game without spending too much from your pocket. Special cards for gaming are used for extra Mobage credits, this serves as an added advantage.

To accomplish this task there is a simple procedure. A player is supposed to buy Mobage games from the same Apple ID where the credit exists on the gift card. Every gift card has a 16 digit code and you have to enter that code to redeem your points. But before doing so make sure you have selected the right country. After your account is credited, you can buy Mobage coins. If the purchase amount is more than yours, you will not get Mobage till you share credit card details.

There are hundreds of websites offering gift cards at competitive rates, InstaCodez has earned a reputable position in the gaming industry. Non players can also avail this opportunity to purchase and save couple of dollars. Gift cards are a cost effective way to enjoy and unfurl.


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