Why Mobile Users Need Antivirus In 2013

Mobile Users Need Antivirus


If you are like most mobile users, then you probably don’t have an antivirus app to protect your device. Mobile users need antivirus while most people pick on the Windows OS since hackers frequently attack it, the truth is that your smartphone is just as vulnerable. It doesn’t matter what device or OS you have. Every phone can be hacked if you download infected files. These are the reasons why you really need an antivirus app in 2013.


Why is the Windows OS targeted more than Apple’s OS X or Android? It’s all about popularity. The vast majority of computers in the world are running Windows. Since hackers want to infect the most devices while doing the least amount of work, it only makes sense that they are intentionally targeting these computers.


At the same time, many hackers are taking notice of mobile technology. Not only are smartphones more vulnerable than desktops and laptops, but almost everyone has a device. There will come a time when antivirus apps are a necessity and not just a convenience. It’s best to get a security app before your device is hacked.

 Mobile Users Need Antivirus

Currently Compromised
The sad truth is that your device might currently be infected. Most users don’t realize it, but many tests show that at least 30 percent of smartphones have at least one malware file. The files are usually small and insignificant. They tend to cause your device to slow down or display excessive ads, but they aren’t exactly dangerous.


At the same time, having an infected device is no laughing matter. Even a small virus makes your device less secure because it’s now much easier for hackers to add new malware files. An antivirus app can remove and defend against viruses.


The Purpose of Viruses
Do you know why most hackers create viruses? While there are some hackers that revel in causing destruction by ruining your hardware, this isn’t what most viruses do. In fact, most hackers want your device to keep working because they are making money from your activity.


The vast majority of viruses are made to steal information. They might also be used to send a continuous stream of SMS messages to premium numbers. This will cost you a lot of money while causing inordinate stress. You can avoid this by just installing an inexpensive antivirus app.


Irresponsible Users
Be honest for a moment. Are you an irresponsible smartphone user? While you certainly wouldn’t be alone, this can have devastating consequences for your device. An irresponsible user will download files from any website, install apps without scanning them and click links from strangers stalking his or her social media account.

 Mobile Users Need Antivirus

Downloading just one malicious file can ruin your device or bank account. While it’s fun to browse the Internet without caring, it’s time to be a little safer about your online activity. You can still have fun, but just scan files and beware of weird links that can download viruses onto your device.


Hackers are Smart
Some people liken viruses to vampires because they can’t hurt you unless you invite them into your smartphone. This analogy is particularly useful because hackers, much like vampires, know how to trick you into downloading viruses. This is true even if you are a safe user that is cautious of bad websites.


While being smart will definitely decrease the number of viruses that you encounter, you still need antivirus protection to shield you from the threats that you don’t recognize. This will ensure that you are always safe from viruses.


Safe Places
Downloading apps from supposedly safe places can be dangerous if you don’t scan the apps. For example, there are some infected apps at the Google Play store. While these file are rare, they still present a serious threat.


Mobile technology is powerful and reliable, but most people are irresponsible users that don’t think about security. If you don’t want your information stolen, then it’s time to download an antivirus app so that it can protect you from malware. While most smartphones are clean and free of malware, it’s better to be safe so that you don’t have to worry about identity theft or any other problems associated with hacking.


Sarah Hendricks is a security expert on protecting users and businesses from hackers and data leakage. Users in the office, at home, or working remotely are all subject to attack. Sarah has teamed up with Mobile antivirus software from NQ Mobile to keep mobile devices protected nation wide!

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