Scenario-Based Law Enforcement Software


Scenario-Based Law Enforcement Software


No, this has nothing to do with judging people; but it does have everything to do with making good judgments if you are a law-enforcement officer in situations where you are in the midst of an active shooter, a hostage situation or a terroristic threat.  Training software, for just these types of scenarios, serves as an instrumental tool to equip brave men and women with discriminating, heightened, decision-making skills.  It’s sharp, critical thinking that can make the difference between life and death for suspects, officers and citizens in the community.

How Does The Software System Work?

The training software instructs officers on how to make calculated, yet split-second, decisions in 425 generated real-world scenarios.  Interestingly, the software is accommodating in that the degree of intensity with any given situation can be customized.   A setting can be heightened to a stressed, worst-case scenario where, for example, a field office will have to make the decision to shoot or not shoot a panic-stricken criminal holding a hostage at gun-point.   A much milder set-up can be created where an unarmed robber will receive calm, persuasive communication in hopes of giving himself up through skillful, verbal de-escalation strategies from the officers involved.

One veteran officer in the Washington D.C. area commented: “I’ve been on the force for 22 years and have never seen so many encounters that we’re having now where people are armed and they’re willing to shoot us.  Scenario-based training is really the future of law enforcement.  This is going to save lives!”

How Is This Software Different?

Police departments across the country praise this crisis-preparation tool since it, unlike older software programs, offers an immense opportunity for realistic, personal interaction.   Additionally, the program provides instant replay and audio and visual feedback offering insight and corrections so officers, especially those new to the profession, can critique and sharpen their reaction and judgment skills.  Those who are trained with Judgment Enhancement Software will come to know their strengths and weaknesses and can refine any areas that are in need of improvement—after all, their lives, and the lives of others, could be at stake.
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There are many useful software applications in the world such as Rocket Passport by Zephy Corp; however most of them do not help save lives.  Depending on the situation at hand, officers in training learn to make quick, appropriate decisions on whether to use a gun, pepper spray, a taser or no weapon, at all.  Whether it’s a shooting or a bar brawl or someone running a red light, the interactive, Judgment Enhancement software gives officers in the field a critical advantage!

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