The Sentrym L1 Mini 3D Projector comes with 2GB of Ram and 16GB of internal storage.

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This mini projector has built-in Android 9.0 OS where you will be able to Netflix, YouTube , prime etc.

Sentrym L1 Mini Projector Specs:
Built-in Storage: 16GB
Keystone Adjustment: Auto ± 40°
3D Ready: Yes
Size: 3.2″ x 3.2″ x 1.2″
Weight: 0.41 lbs
Battery Life: 2+ Hours
Bluetooth: Yes, 5.0
Wi-Fi: 2.4/5.0 GHz
SD Card Support: Max 32GB
IR Remote Control: Included
Input: Mini HDMI, USB-A, MicroSD, 3.5mm Aux, DC Power
Projection Size: 40 – 100 Inches
Native Resolution: 854×480 (16:9)
Projection: DLP

We’re taking a look at this very tiny projector when i mean tiny it is tiny like if i put my hand in front here you can’t uh really see it there so this is the Sentrym L1 it’s made by the same team behind the blackboxmycar if you’ve shopped for a dash cam before i’m sure you’ve come across their website, just to name some of the features and specs before we look at the actual unit here this thing comes with android 9.0 and it will work with amazon prime netflix because there are some other projectors out there where they have android and netflix doesn’t really work on them and you need to find ways around it but with this there’s no problem with that uh getting back to the specs the native display resolution is 854 by 480 we also get two gigs of ram on this and 16 gigs of internal storage which is actually really nice to see comparing the size of this thing and this does work on 2.4 and 5 gigahertz wi-fi and we also get Bluetooth 5.0 which is uh interesting to see because most of the competitor projectors out there usually you’re getting Bluetooth 4 and lower in there so it’s actually really nice to see that here so looking at the unit itself here we do have a touchpad and we also have the remote as well that it comes with here so if you don’t want to use the remote you want to just take this with you you can you have that option you can just take this and you have the touchpad here which works pretty well and on the side here we do have the micro sd even though you’re getting that the 16 gigs of internal and then we also have the focus wheel that’s one thing that’s not automatic here we do have auto keystone which is nice taking a look at the back here we have the power which is a micro usb i would have loved to see a usb type c here because usually that’s all i have around my home now usb type c now i have to kind of have the micro usb here just in order to charge this and we do have the mini hdmi as well which is actually really nice to see and we do get the cable here mini hdmi to full size hdmi here so if you want to like plug your console pretty much you’re able to do that we get a usb and the headphone jack as well and taking a look at the other side here we do have the off on and power button pretty much to turn the unit on all you want to do is just put it on then hold the power button and then just turn it off so that way you’re not turning on the projector by mistake if you have it in your pocket or anything like that um in the front pretty simple here we do have the lens there and at the bottom here we have the mount and also we can see some copper heatsink in there as well which is nice to see and this thing doesn’t really get that warm when it’s uh running which is good alrighty so we got the projector on here and this is what you see when you first turn on the projector here we do have some pre-installed apps here netflix, youtube and all that we have airplay e-share hdmi in when you plug something in you don’t really need to install anything else there and this is how it looks like on a lighted room right now i do have many lights here and it it looks okay i mean it’s not really intended to be used this way if you’re taking this on a camping trip or just on the backyard definitely on a darker environment it will perform better looking at the netflix logo here it does have that black background and it’s kind of blended in with the logo because it doesn’t look that good because of the lights in this room here so let’s go ahead and turn off the lights and we’re going to see how much better it looks like definitely a huge huge difference here with the lights off more vibrant the colors and everything definitely popping out so just want to show you some of the settings here so if i go under settings these are some of the settings network settings wi-fi hotspot settings and just going back we also have the Bluetooth settings and well here you’re able to connect a mouse keyboard if you want to do that or whatever language date and time projector settings this is the menu i’d like to see here right now i do have it at auto so auto screen rotate if i’m moving the projector it will auto rotate uh projector mode we do have uh rotate front rotate rear rotate ceiling rotate rear ceiling uh just going back here uh brightness adjustment so right now i do have it at max brightness um keystone correction vertical horizontal and screen zoom i i don’t think you’re going to be doing any screen zooming on this uh so definitely there’s really not much to touch here so going back and i’ll do settings uh pretty much you just get the volume bar here not much else and other settings uh pretty much you’re gonna get the android like setup settings type here uh it’s kind of telling you the storage uh battery life uh right now should last about four hours which that’s actually good news so if we’re playing something definitely you’re gonna be getting less than two hours around the two hour range like they say but i wouldn’t expect more there but that’s still like amazing comparing the size this thing is so right now let’s just go on YouTube i just want to go ahead and play something just so you can hear how it sounds like and how it looks like


so the speaker the image quality it actually looks really great uh i wouldn’t even mind watching a movie on this actually uh but when it comes to the audio quality uh definitely i would look into getting like a Bluetooth speaker but if I’m just watching like a YouTube video or something like that i don’t mind it still sounds okay uh it’s pretty loud as well but an external Bluetooth speaker definitely would uh help out there for sure if i would watch an actual like movie on this definitely it actually looks great and the thing is you know it’s not like pixelated because I’ve reviewed some other projectors before and usually they’re like the image is very pixelated even the text reading in like the menus reading any text pretty much it’s like kind of impossible on some of those cheaper projectors so one thing i kind of hate about this remote is this button here uh because usually I’m used to when i click this to go back and this kind of brings a mouse on the screen so if i click that it kind of like ruins everything it brings the mouse on the screen if you’re like using the browser or anything like that um i would have switched this and made it here because usually that’s where it belongs or just leave it somewhere else but other than that the remote works uh quite well so right now the projector is about 54 inches far away and this is how big of a screen we’re getting uh roughly we’re getting a 44 inch screen here which is uh pretty good so just keep that in mind you’re kind of gonna have to place this a little bit further back because if i go ahead and place it closer uh the image it’s uh definitely way way smaller there so my final thoughts on this mini projector here uh definitely it does have more positives than negatives going for it uh comparing the price point with other projectors usually you don’t get these many features like the Bluetooth 5.0 uh you’re getting a great battery life like over like around the two hour range which is uh kind of amazing to see like they stuck that in there definitely on a where there’s like lights in the room you’re not gonna don’t expect too much um you pretty much this like this thing is like you can’t even see it if i do this that’s how small this thing is so but if you’re in a dark environment definitely this is a great to have and plus we’re actually getting quite a few things in here we do get the mini HDMI to HDMI cable the mini tripod and the remote itself which this this button still kind of bothers me the mouse button i wish it wasn’t there kind of kept clicking it by mistake and the mouse always pops up which is kind of annoying a little bit but then again we do have the kind of the controllers the touchpad up here as well so you don’t really need to bring the remote if you’re going out just put this in your pocket and pretty much you’re all set so one of the drawbacks i would say here is the dcn the micro usb cable i wish they would have just made a usb type-c would have made things much much better and the whole thing would have seemed way better because it’s kind of not missing anything else and if you’re thinking of any kind of like project you want to do with this projector you can it’s pretty small so you’re able to stick this anywhere if you’re thinking of doing that really hope you guys enjoyed this video go ahead and give it a thumbs up if you guys enjoyed it also if you have any questions about this projector go ahead and leave a comment below i’ll be more than happy to answer it i’ll see you guys on the next video