There are a few reasons why I really love this Lark 150 wireless microphone system from Hollyland.

=== Wireless Lavalier Microphone 2.4G Dual-Channel Hollyland Lark 150 🛒: Support this channel by using the affiliate link above to make any amazon purchase, thank you πŸ™‚ ===

First things first when you open the box it doesn’t smell like cheap plastic and it definitely has one of the best portable charging cases out there which makes this thing very compact and easy to charge your microphone system, which I will show you after.

Inside this nicely packed box we get the portable charging case which by the way has a usb type c, if you have seen my other reviews you know I love having a usb type c port instead of a micro usb

The charging case has a 3500 mAh (milliamp) which is able to charge the receiver and transmitter 2 and half times. The receiver comes with a 530mAh with a battery life of 7.5 hours, the receiver comes with a 200mAh and a battery life of 4 hours. For most occasions the battery life is plenty and then you also have your charging case with you at all times anyway so I dont think battery life is ever going to be an issue with these.

Looking further in the box we have another box here which has a storage bag which contains the lavalier microphones with the furry windshields,we also have a 3.5mm TRS patch cable which will be very useful and we get the usb type c cable as well.

One thing that I noticed right away here is that this system has this high quality look and feel to it by saying that let’s go ahead and connect this to my camera and we shall go ahead and see how it sounds like.

Looking at the receiver on top here we have the nice colorful OLED display which does have some settings and useful information which you need to see, there are two knobs also clickable  which you can adjust a few settings like adjusting the volume, if you click once on the knob you are able to mute which ever transceiver you want but if we go ahead and hold the knob down, than  here we are able to change to three other settings from Mono , Stereo , ST -6db . Adjusting the volume is as simple as turning whichever transmitter you want to control. Also on the receiver here we see both TX and the RX battery indicator which is nice.

But that’s not all there are a few more things here looking at one of the sides of the receive we have the power button and the 3.5mm headphone jack so you can monitor in real time which is pretty amazing, and on the other side we have the line out another great addon looking at the bottom we have the charging contact points. And this comes with the clip which you are also able to mount to your camera or external mounts. 

Looking at the Transmitter at the top here we can see the 3.5mm input if you want to use the lavalier microphone , and on the left here we have the built-in-microphone  moving along to the left here we have 2 link indicators if you see the blue light flashing that means there is no connection between the rx and tx  and the green light is very obvious showing the unit is on and you also have the option to mute as well by pressing the power/mute button on the side which turns the light yellow. And we also have the same thing as the receive a nice clip here which is strong and at the bottom we have the charging contact.

I am going to mention just a few specs here and also include the rest in the description below if you are interested in seeing the whole list.

  • The range on this system is around the 100m
  • Looking at the Frequency bandwidth on this set we get 2.4GHz AFH
  • The transmission latency is under 5 ms which is impressive 
  • Both the Built-in-mic and lavalier mic have omnidirectional polar patterns with a frequency response of 20hz – 20KHz .

I think that sums it up, and the big question is are these worth taking a look at

Definitely a great microphone system here which is very compact and doesn’t really get in the way, and the clip on microphone is small and very simple to use, no need to really do anything complicated to get things going. But in the end nothing matters if the quality of the audio is bad and I can confidently say that this microphone system does delivers some great audio I did have the chance to test these out quite a bit now, I will also let you be the judge of the audio quality here as well before I plugged the Lark 150 in my camera I was using the Deity V-Mic D3 Pro which I did a review in the past and it is a pretty amazing shotgun microphone.

This is definitely going in my bag if I am doing any reviews outdoors or indoors for that matter when I need to move around.

When we are looking at the price point, you are getting what you are paying for. I have some other wireless microphone brands and the quality kinda matches the price I paid for them.