GPS Tracker Anywhere (Review)




We are going to be reviewing the JEO GPS Tracker Anywhere, a simple GPS tracker with a sim card  which you can put anywhere from your pet to somewhere hidden, which can be controlled via sms or internet.


The Components

The Anywhere GPS Tracker comes with all the components you may need for all environments , with a waterproof case , also there is a magnetic attachment that can be mounted to the case, with a pretty strong magnet.




The Box

GPS TRACKER ANYWHERE box front and back


The Manual and the CD

The GPS Tracker comes with a cd which is preloaded with many great software such as maps , and pdf manual inside.







The Top

The overall components that are attached are pretty solid , no loose parts , very square build this comes with the SIRF 3 chip GPS Navigation module From the top also the sim has to be put in.






The Bottom,

From the bottom you can see only the battery, the battery this comes with is a 3.7V 860mAh Li-ion which last around 200+ hours in standby mode which makes it very efficient so you don’t have to move it around just because you have to charge it.






[styled_box title=”Full Specifications” class=”sb_orange”]

Band: 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900MHz

GSM/GPRS Module : Simcom Sim900

Communication prtocol has TCP and UDP


GPS chip: SIRF 3 with a sensitivity of -159dBM Accuracy 5 to 20 meters

Charging works with 110v and 220V input 5V output

Battery : 3.7V 860mAH Li-on Battery

Waterproof: IPX8

Storage Temperature should be between -40C to +85C



 GPS Tracker Anywhere (Review)

Four Sides




How I did the setup for the first time:

The first step to get this gps working you will have to have the gps tracker charged for full 12 hours.

Insert a sim card that is supported by the gps tracker these are the only bands that are accepted  850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900MHz

After the sim card has been inserted place the gps with or without the case outside the logo facing up or if you have it without the case the gps module facing up towards the sky.

Hold the power button for 3 seconds , after the blue led will stay on, but when it find the sim signal the blue led will start blinking every 1 second.

Once the simcard signal has been found the now it will begin looking for the gps signal . when it finds the gps signal the blue led will start blinking every 3 seconds that’s it you are done .
Ready to go now ,

Please see the manual it will be very straight forward , if you want to use sms or internet to see the gps coordinates.



My Thoughts about this product

This is a very affordable gps tracker which can be placed anywhere from your pet to anywhere you want it is also a great tool to leave it in your car hidden you will see where your car is at when someone takes it for a joy ride.

Very easy to setup I have been using it through sms you just need to activate you phone once by calling the device ten times and register it , after when you want to find out where the gps is at you just call it and it will send you the coordinates  via sms with longitude and latitude with the speed it is traveling.

Here is test message how it will look like





This is an official review