In this Reolink Argus Review we see why this could be the best wire free camera under $100.
Reolink Argus 🛒

The Reolink Argus has some pretty imporesive features 1080p HD Outdoor / indoor, Battery-Powered, Two Way Audio and an impressive Night Vision.

Like we see in the video the setup is a breeze nothing complicated very easy to setup and also you are able to insert an sd card as well and the notifications work very well, one thing is dont be fooled with some cheap Chinese cameras they do not work as intended, after all you are getting a security camera for a reason not for it to break down when you might needed it the most.

The battery life for the Reolink Argus is great it will be lasting you a few months, but I would definetly make an invesment on some rechargable batteries this uses 4 “CR123A” Batteries.

As for the installation of the Reolink argus you have two option to mount the camera my favority would be the magnetic but one thing is you have to make sure is put the camera way up somewhere or hide it so no one can put their hands near.

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