Future Microwave is among Us

Would it be cool if you just scanned a bag of popcorn before you put it on the microwave and than your all set no numbers to press no worrying.

The future of microwave is here with  single compact computer this new modern microwave can be programmable even can be run by an app making it extra convenient.

In the future there can be a real database for bar-code reading microwaves so lets say you are making something that needs to stop and stir that will all be done automatically with just opening the microwave door no need to press anything ass soon as you stir the product you just close back the door and the microwave will start where it left off to finish the job.

The other cool thing about this microwave is that it is voice controlled so even less touching it will answer you and talk o you when it is finished cooking your meal.

This microwave is heading to the future you will see in a few years this will be big, such as WiFi Microwaves with mobile boards inside them and being able to control it with any smartphone and combining it with other technology like never before. This is just a glimpse of the future kitchenware.

Future Microwave is among Us (Video)