best-kept secrets  a covert technology that borders on science fiction these mysterious  aircraft make futuristic movies and video games  seem odd to me  mystery here superior  missions while keeping their technology shrouded in secrecy  but now rare footage reveals new information  about the stabber  as a disguise it’s the ultimate virtual-reality ride  aboard the invisible airplanes up today and tomorrow  stealth and beyond next  it’s a revolution  warfare  high-tech and otherworldly nearly invisible  and soaring at supersonic speeds in a multi-threaded global environment  these possum airplanes to scare the pants off any adversary  and the enemy won’t even see them coming  she to their sure strike capabilities  stealth  these winged warriors primarily were designed to sneak past enemy radar  but they also have other stealthy technologies  that surpassed most conventional war planes  today.

History of Stealth Aircraft (Video)

two stealth aircraft are fully operational  three more are slated to thunder across the not so friendly skies in the near  future  in these are only the ones we know about  I don’t think this anybody in a moment to catch the Americans in terms of  stuff technologies it provides us  the capability to dominate the  airspace anywhere in the world well out into the future  in order to penetrate the spooky world a stealth  one must look Edwin this daring technology got started  the F one seventeen A Nighthawk was the first operational stealth aircraft  the F one seventeen days bizarre designed looks like something out of  Star Wars  the plane resembles an oversized I’m in because if it’s faceted shape  wanted the secrets to expel the mass this black chick  has proven its stealthy straight did combat missions  including operation desert storm Operation Allied Force in Kosovo  and cooperation conceded  anyone who sees what happened on day one  1991 up  Gulf War we’ll see what is achievable by self  when you had a small force F one seventeen stealth fighters  head into Iraq totally unobserved takeout’s  all the major leadership targets in Baghdad  and still no Iraqi really have a clue West direct  that surface to air missile or anti-aircraft fire  the F one seventeen.


success story  but how did the project ever get off the ground  the idea of nearly invisible aircraft has been around since the dawn of light  in 1917 Germany covered ago the bomber with cellophane skins  to try to make it less visible although this primitive concept didn’t work  the technology eventually took flight in the late nineteen fifties  during the cold war in Iraq  seventy percent of the Soviet Union’s defense systems had been using a  technology called radar  the system sends out electromagnetic signals  which reflect of a target such as an airplane radar antennas on the ground  can pick up the reflected energy and determine the distance and direction of  the plains  in May 1960 Russian radar identified a CIA u-2 spy plane  and subsequently shot it down using surface to air missiles  the pilot Francis Gary Powers was taken prisoner  the events sent shock waves across the US  the air force quickly realized it needed airplanes capable of getting past enemy  radar  to destroy their ground weapons the stealth race was on  American aeronautical engineers began looking into an aircraft shape as a way  to deflect  radar in the nineteen sixties the Lockheed Corporation  built the sr-71 Blackbird reconnaissance plane with simple stealth features  on the sr-71 was one of the first airplane did I know of that was  specifically designed  to try to have loose stealth characteristics  both from the phone interview materials and also from shaping  the United States first real push to spoof enemy radar came in 1975  the Defense Department’s Advanced Research Projects Agency  known as darpa ask several aeronautics companies  including Northrop unlucky to design a stealth the plane  under the project called Harvey named after the invisible rabbit  in the popular


Hollywood film starring Jimmy Stewart but in the end  proved they had the right stuff they came up with the winning model  called  I have blue low have blue was designed to be an airplane with the world’s  lowest radar cross-section  it was like designing a car to break the speed record after achieving this will  result  I have been prototyped issues to building F one seventeen A Nighthawk  which was conceived in Lockheed’s highly secretive skunk works division  the company’s president enrich hired the best engineers in the business to work  on the highly clandestine project  high was the first program manager  and chief engineer for the F one seventeen  stealth was at that time in 1977 78  was tremendously exciting to Lockheed skunk works well we all thought was the  this company in the country may be in the world are doing  innovative technological things engineers first came up with the new  stealthy shape  the you some clever math to remove any square panels  and 45 degree angles which dramatically reflect radar  as a result they designed a multi-faceted diamond-shaped airplane  with radical zigzag edges around doors and windows  to reduce the RCS for radar cross-section  radar cross section is really are  the Mariner Energy that’s reflected back from the aircraft to a radar on the  ground is looking forward  other way to reduce an aircraft’s radar cross-section  is by applying radar absorbing material or RAM  it’s a secret recipe on electromagnetic materials  which absorb or redirect radar energy coming from ground-based Asians or other  planes  a computer sprays on the coating which absorbs the high frequencies directed at  the plane’s  on the radar absorbing structure absorbs lower frequencies  shaping encoding reduced the F one seventeen’s radar cross-section by  eighty-five percent but who said stealth was only skin deep.


the plane also featured a wide variety of other stealthy technologies  including visual acoustic and infrared  which is he produced by engine exhaust debt with an infrared  seeking missile will go after may not be able see one radar  but if you can see a heat signature he’ll go after that he signature  engineers solve this problem by creating see in RAM coded slots at the end of the  plane’s two engines  to dissipate the exhaust can reduce its infrared signature  the F one seventeen a  was designed to be sub Sunday to further reduce the amount of heat generated at  higher speeds  another concession was the plane’s highly swept view detail  which lowered the radar signature but created an aerodynamically  unstable planes simply put a diamond-shaped aircraft is tough to fly  traditional air vehicles have curved surfaces that permit air to flow  smoothly over them  the F one seventeen’s shape  is not care Damocles stables a few if you just locked all the control surfaces  immense this let it fly it would he would pretty quickly disco outta control  and the solution engineers installed a fly by wire system  a computer connected to the pilots controls which maintain stability in  flight  yet one of the most remarkable aspects of stealth is it’s highly classified  technology  the F one seventeen a was a deep black project  no one in government knew it existed except for the pentagon  black program is one that the funding has the funding  use concealed in various part 4 leave soon the Pentagon’s budget  in this done usually at a remote location  and the research is done clandestine great programs over in the budget is  known in a little bit more comes off clean  people know what’s going on because talk a lot about it  the security at was of course very tight  we worked in the building which have no windows  and everything that was in there stayed there  in the do not talk about what you doing anywhere else I was suspected probably  being  a mole in the skunk works her head an advanced degree  wish I got in Europe hi denigrated in my mid-twenties  my head work my way into  a very high technical position  and all that you know fits the mold exactly with secrecy being paramount.



the F one seventeen A’s test flights were conducted at area 51  a place the pentagon claims doesn’t exist  a remote area in the Nevada desert 100 miles from Las Vegas  this mysterious sight is a top security facility  were stealth technology has been tested under the cover of darkness  the cloak of secrecy  has attracted still sleeps who are obsessed with seeking out clues about  the cutting edge airplanes  I’ve been on the job the desert over 80 times I will not break the law  of push it to the very edge what are the ways I was able to find out  information on would turn out to be the F one seventeen  I have a lot of friends there now retired that work to the skunk works  and they were just feed me little bits of information things that were not  classified  so you’re looking Syria little piece there  filling all blanks by the late 1980s  had produced so many F one seventeen A’s  that they could no longer hide them as a result  the actual aircraft was unveiled to the public on April 21st 1990  12  DC’s holes American-style strategy was that they kept it secret  for the best past 15 years that gave them a 15-year lease  on other people to keep self totally under wraps  in the back world  the F one seventeen a was far from the final word on stealth  coming up lakh each competitor was about to build the most capable warplane in  the world  talk about extreme stealth  this is considered the most survivable aircraft ever built  the large black flying wing resembles a prehistoric looking man terrain  the b-2 spirit stealth bomber  is a low observable strategic long-range heavy plane  capable of penetrating sophisticated air defense Shields  a monster bomber was designed for the cold war-era  but demonstrated its vitality during a 24-hour mission to Iraq in 2003  the B-two certainly proved itself in combat  in Iraq  in fact that they flew them from the United States  with multiple air refueling along the way  when we got there the Iraqis no work  the beach used journey to superstardom  began in the mid-1970s Northrop had lost the first else competition to Lockheed’s  have blue  what are called wanted Northrop involved in the second program  this one incorporated stealth technology and precision-guided weapons  to stop soviet surface to air in the air to air missiles  this required tackling the problem including airborne radar to track tanks  and at the same time the invisible to ground radar  I had come to Northrop in 1970  for the government through darker  tortoise in to start looking at a different problem and that was  how do you put a Raider earners tells the airplane how are you getting your  plane that can fly at altitudes .

it looked at from all directions and still be still T  North request back in black  they began developing an advanced technology bomber  which would be called the B-two one of the major challenges  was it shaped the company opted for a flying wing designed  aviation giant Jack Northrop had always been a fan of flying wing aircraft  in 1948 his company had built the Y be 49  they discovered the aircraft smooth curve surface didn’t reflect  radar waves back to the base until it was almost directly flying overhead  also flying wings could carry large payloads  one-way glass and using less fuel because the dragon the tail surfaces  are absent  so when Northrop begin building the beach you they introduce curvature into  the services  to make it more aerodynamically efficient and at the same time  maintain its del Venus if you lay their curved surface over for new  the energy will skip often not reflect back  and you get here dynamic efficiency I’m  Northrop finally hatched a stealthy bird that resembles a black boomerang  the slim looking plane possesses an extremely small side view  radar cross-section but a wingspan of 172 feet  the leading edges of the wings of eagles at 35 degrees  and the trailing edge has a double W shape the aircraft is controlled by a  quandary done did fly by wire flight control system  which monitors all elements of the weekend  to be too is a bomber aircraft so engineers also face the daunting task of  putting stealthy radar  on a stealth plane  who come in any details on that but we figured out how to put on stealthy into  the news  how to produce tells the radar in and how to get an airplane  ball aspect little radar cross-section the Northrop also concocted their own  special batch  radar absorbing material along with perfecting  other stealthy features  the beach you he’s very hard to see an ACO altitude level because it lacks  tales  and the B-two’s long flat shaped doesn’t stand out very well  0 visuals very hard to handle  B-two’s a very large urban didn’t keep lying low  it’s good to have a certain visual signature so the B-two  has a black bottom because it’s going to be viewed as a blank space  from the past jet noise was the sound asleep  brings a major problem when you want to be stealthy  you only way to really be acquired his to be a glider  at low speed to you want to go fast you can reduce your noises  and way to minimize and  is grew up in altitude and another stealthy concern was infrared  or heat produced by the engine infrared  primary source Houston engineers or  you going to do things to cooler and we’re going to go into who  that would be diff Northrop has kept a tight lipped bonnet stealthy bomber  at the time to be too was kept under a veil upgrade  from its inception president carter had mentioned to be too  in the early seventies so it was a great program  I think everybody knew was a flying wing we did dimensions we deal with the  capabilities were  well Northrop was developing a pricey stealth bomber  Rockwell a competitive aeronautics company was commissioned to revive their  B one bomber project  to be too had to be described as a risky program it was  had elements in its design it had never been done before  to be one be they felt was something new  in the early 1980s scientists tried to make the B-one a stealthy  by adding RAM newly designed ducted inlets  and they removed the spine faring to revamp their plane  was called the B one B  but the air force soon discovered if you want a real stealthy aircraft  you need to start from scratch  as a result the pentagon put all their eggs in the cockpit up the beach you  on November 22nd 1988 the bomber was greeted with patriotic fanfare  as it rolled out of the hangars at an Air Force plant in Palmdale Caliph.



if you can watch the B-two flying you see there’s anger black sheep taking of  course in  or make just sick leave  when you follow a darker side and then all the sudden you see a black line  appear in the sky and the metal balloon and the angular shape is it turns  magnificent you two day  to beat you can fly anywhere in the world within hours  have the airplane is capable of all altitude attacks up to angels 5  that Air Force talk for fifty thousand feet  the two crew cockpit as a navigation emissions system  that sounds is easy is driving a car there’s a simple three-way switch  takeoff go to work and landing  the stealth bomber can carry up to 40,000 pounds have weapons  including nuclear-tipped missiles and bombs p  the B-two appears to be the stealth for all seasons  even with a small fleet of 20 bombers it is proven its worth  in March 2003 the tunes ran multiple forty-hour missions in Iraq  without a hitch  being as their only twenty B-twos in the force  it is inevitably still a silver bullet aircraft’s  so you could have it an instance where single B-two  invisible to radar could fly over targets  with up to 72 individual things to be struck  on the ground and release 72  precision-guided satellite guided bombs and take all those targets house  with precision  the nothing can match to be jus power and perseverance  yet the Air Force kept pushing the outside of the envelope  they were probing the outer limits for a highly maneuverable plane  that is still free yet looks like a real fighter  they got their wish  now rarely seen footage will expose a new stealthy warplane  ready to break all records including the sound barrier of stealth  a new sleek state-of-the-art tactical fighter  stealthy  and super cruise  say 22 doctor  is the world’s fastest else playing and promises to rule the skies in any  conflict  cue it will be the first aircraft to combine stealth technology  with air superiority capabilities the FA 22  has the ability to detect target  destroy the enemy well  discovered the 22 really brings  an evolution from the previous stealth aircraft F one seventeen  was developed from the first prototype the b-2 spirit was the next major weapon  system that  that embodied stealth and it force brought capability  to carry  attack long range  mb22 takes the further step beyond that  adding the true fighters maneuverability  and speed in combination with the stealth  an integrated media  X.



if you look at what the other stuff aircraft are out here for sale Tory  the F one seventeen and db2  if you compare the FA 22 to those  aircraft the FA twenty-two’s the only one that’s really  a fighter a true fighter the idea of building an ATF  work Advanced Tactical Fighter began in the 1980s  when the Air Force wanted a new stealthy fighter to replace its holder  conventional war planes  aircraft like the F-fifteen the F-sixteen the F-eighteen  to been around for a while at the new legacies you take all the attributes  have those fighters that we’ve had before  and now you add stealth this  the F one seventeen a sacrifice speed and handling which is unusual design  the by the 21st century engineers figured out  that you didn’t need to have a not faceted shape or a flying wing to  deflect  radar the with the aid of an intricate computer systems  the FA 22 can have the look in her a dynamic design  have the F-fifteen and at the same time the stealthy  the FA 22  possesses the ultimate radar signature which is the size of a bird for be  the F-fifteen and F-sixteen on the other hand  at the radar signature the size of a standard door  am you have a twenty-two is an awesome looking planes  so long-standing  saying in aviation and plane it looks good it’s going to fly  good and the rapture is certainly prefer that  it looks good on the ground looks fantastic in the year flies  fantastic 1x way  the cockpit contains a revolutionary integrated avionics system  houses six color screens which provide easy to read flight and target  information  without distracting the pilot’s attention  that aircraft avionics system takes radar information  from all the other sensors infuses it together and then presents mean wind  between  display that shows me the overall battle picture  what that allows the pilot to do is concentrate on tactics  and not spanned a lot I’ve time  trying to put pieces at the picture together  on your closing it 20 miles a minute on another aircraft it’s  that on killing you every second counts  that’s what FA 22 Prince if a twenty-two  has both the capability to go find other aircraft  fight its way into enemy territory and then take out the  ground exit the commanders need to be taken down this the FA 22 cockpit  demonstrator  what you’ll see is the basic cockpit layout here the control stick is on the  side  very much like a F-sixteen where the throttles  on the opposite side and you’ll notice a large number of switches  and controls on these two devices  the concept is called hands-on sticking throttle  and it what it does allows the pilot  to manipulate the weapon system in the sensors into  engage the aircraft in combat without having to move his hands around the  cockpit the FA 22 fighter  contains advanced medium-range air-to-air missiles  and offers first look for shot and first kill capabilities  what that means is that weekend see the  enemy first weekend she weapon and then kill the enemy  for Danny actually ever sees the FE 22  the FA 22 is a supersonic speed demand  cruising at Mach 2 and without afterburners most fighters can only fly  supersonic leave for a few minutes before exhausting their fuel  the FA 22 can fly an entire mission  so and this rare footage proves the FA 22  is also an all-weather vehicle in special climate control hangers  the fighter has demonstrated it can withstand sub-zero blizzards  torrential rains and hurricane winds  they say it only takes two things to fly airspeed  and money the FA 22 certainly proves that  the smart looking stealth fighter promises to possess air superiority  when it becomes operational in 2005 but its production costs are about one  hundred million dollars per plane  consequently the Pentagon has been shopping for a cheaper stealth fighter  which can also service three branches of the military  after a fierce to your competition  one of the largest aerospace companies is gearing up to produce the most  versatile stealth fighter planes on the planet  so  how can you get a cool stealthy for later  without bankrupting the government  after a nail-biting competition with Boeing Lockheed Martin won a contract to  design such a plane’s  the f35 Joint Strike Fighter or JSF  is the next generation of stealth fighters  he promises to be stealthy affordable and accommodating to the Air Force Navy  and Marines  and much of its technology is also blanketed in secrecy  the Joint Strike Fighter program came about simply because airplanes are more  expensive now  so rather than go to the cost love develop into new fighter  for the Air Force a new attack bomber.



for the navy need close support playing for the marines  to conserve key move can we may 21 airframe which will combine these things  the f35 was created in essence to  replace the f-16 get sixteen was an aircraft designed  seventies and I had 35 years’ worth of life on it  and there was an impossible retrofit it back into the  F-sixteen’s a really f35 represents the evolution of that yeah  that requirement into this next generation the f35 will come in three  versions:  each plane will have the same internal avionics each were also contain unique  features  the DVD version  will have bigger we control services so we can make sure takeoffs and  on carriers the air force model will be similar to the Navy version  but will have smaller wings and more fuel capacity for improved range  the Marine Corps version will incorporate a brand new technology  shaft driven lift and propulsion system  to make stealthy vertical take offs and landings just like every year  it includes a vector in rear nozzle that looks like a mechanical caterpillar  it also has a counter-rotating lift fan  the complex system involves taking gas out of the engine  redirecting it inside the airplane to come out at different places on the body  with the plan  hundreds of children Strike Fighters will be ready for takeoff into the wild  blue yonder  by 2010  view this stealth technology has a first strike option  but to really comprehend the have 35 stealthy versatility  one needs to hop into the pilot’s seat this is the f35 or joint strike fighter  cockpit demonstrator  if you look at the cockpit of the Joint Strike Fighter instead of the separate  screens that we had on the FA 22  we now have one large display and instead of using cursors and buttons to  move its  it’s a touchscreen display for we do use our finger to decide how we want to  change our screens  and have multiple displays at our fingertips literally  along with advanced shaping  ramp and in turn weapons the new fighters newest stealth technology  is its 21st century mission systems which prioritizes information for quick  response  on multi-spectral sensor sweeps  give a complete picture Apostol surroundings with enough time  for the f35 to you attack for a foodie enemy  on so an onboard now planner  confine safe passage to high threat areas  when destroying a target the fighters electro optical system  instantly picks up and assesses damaged a doubt  the f-35’s mission system provides a lower risk environment  the Wada the military never had to worry about using a pilot  though we may have lost the Joint Strike Fighter competition  but they made stealthy breakthroughs which is helping them win the war on the  digital battlefield  the company is making quantum leaps into the future  twenty-year she’s our unmanned stealth vehicles  the air force and navy are joining forces to create  robot warplanes has sponsored a competition  called the joy unmanned combat air system program  bowling and the Air Force have completed Phase one of the project  by designing the X 45 the first unmanned combat air vehicle  were you get out the X 45 appears to be the most secretive stealth program  around  trying to procure information is like trying to count all the stars in the sky  but experts believe the unmanned plane including 10 innovative  radar-evading design can specifically comment on it still features but you can  see from its basic design  that those kinds of things were thought about  I can’t talk specifically about the radar cross-section  but with regards to a cockpit.



there is a cockpit and that is a ground station  which we call the  mission control system here unmanned air vehicles are removing the pilots from  the loop but rather moving them from the cockpit  to the ground K portion hereof fair  pronounce it have one pilot per one airplane we will attempt to demonstrate  you know that a single operator can manage up to four vehicles and a very  tense situation being in combat just  the operation of unmanned airplanes doesn’t really require a diploma from  the Air Force Academy  instead the demands useful dexterity  and thousands of hours mastering high adrenaline computer and video games  what it is a video game some contacts in fact most of the  up the operators that will use a system like this in the future  are growing up today playing distributed interactive video games over the  Internet  and a lot of what we do is much like that will computer nerds become our  future four-star generals  unmanned planes certainly provide some appealing advantages  there are two primary drivers for unmanned combat air vehicle technology  one of course is that it lowers the cost if you take  all the support infrastructure out an aircraft traditionally associated with  the pilots  ejection seats environmental controls  the other essential reason to taking a pilot house  for combat aircraft is that of course  your knots nearly so concerned about losing their craft in an  over hostile territory it so much  better politically to be able the send a vehicle in  to forget the proper happened without the potential lawsuit pilot our country  and reach support really don’t want to lose people war  their vehicles also create opportunities for some futuristic stealth technologies  which sound like things only digital animators in Hollywood  would envision one actually involves transforming the  planes in  flight  that technology is emerging so you could literally  morph the vehicle to a different configuration flight  you could fly them sideways you could  job them extreme you can make them very soon  and in fact that’s what are the advantages the X 45 as  it is a very thin airplane me three feet thick  regardless of their shape these lethal weapons will carry approximately forty  five hundred pounds of payload  can be anywhere in the room  hours they can execute a mission without the risk of prisoners of war  on the six o’clock news still not everyone approves  man list missions unmanned aircraft definitely have a  future and Air Force I don’t think unmanned aircraft will ever replace  manned aircraft simply because when comes time for combat you rarely  they’ve ever fight the fight that you thought you were going to text  with them and their craft you have that ability to think  and me and reason for as you have a UAV an issue  a target and they want to kill it problem is you can proceed out  into what you’re seeing because how many times to be  identified incorrectly fund  so you might she tell somebody didn’t want to shoot down  you  wow  but the Air Force doesn’t have any plans to retire his top guns just yet  America’s Flyboys still have a long future fighting the bad guy ass  it’s a brave new world  in the US isn’t the only one jumping on the stealth bandwagon  foreign allies and former enemies are also entering the black  coming up the future of stealth aircraft is as far out as the existence of UFO’s  of  stealth is a high-stakes game it was March 27th 1999  Operation Allied Force Kosovo Yugoslavia  US forces were deployed to suppress the Serbian ethnic cleansing campaign  against the Albanians  the stealthy F one seventeen eighties establish the regular flight track  over the mountainous region of Bosnia for several days  but this made them extremely vulnerable we were very constrained in the way we  could fly the airplane  there is a policy in effect on the go for that we would never fly the same  track  twice because even if you weren’t were detected  if people feel that you’re flying along the same track night after night  they can just fire all their weapons into that area and that’s just what  happened  the air force ordered an F one seventeen me to drop bombs on a target in Belgrade  on  aware of their flight track Serbian forces shot it  the pilot was rescued but Appling became a field W  Serbians collected stealthy remains and presumably performed reverse engineering  studying the material to figure out its secret technology  when the F one seventeen went down in  Yugoslavia obviously that gave  other people a chance to take that material and study it and see  knows me that wouldn’t have been production methods  but it would give them with the basic material word  I don’t think there’s any doubt at all that if the Serbs have sold  well given that that so there that’s the wreckage.



the Russian’s  the former soviet Union has already known  a little bit about stealth the cold war was the catalyst for the technology  now there’ve been sketchy reports that the Russian’s are researching the  stealthy benefits  of plasma  sure  they discovered that when a spaceship flies for long periods  its heat shield produces plasma Russian scientists claim  day created an artificial plasma that can be wrapped around a conventional war  plane  to absorb electromagnetic waves emitted by enemy tracking systems  the Russians say that they can’t I that’s  plasma generation technique to any aircraft they can retrofitted  to make a mig-21 a stealthy is next 22  this widespread skepticism about this has to be said  but the Russians around they can do it  allies that the US are also racing to develop stealthy technology  in addition to their conventional war planes  Great Britain is rumored to be developing a secret stealth fighter  code-named halo year high altitude  low observable from my witness descriptions  the plane seems to resemble the half blue lakh each verse tells prototype  first the European defense companies  are still lagging behind the US when it comes to stealth  if you want to join the stealth club  you going to be part of a pretty exclusive club  there are not many nations that can afford to get into that game it appears  as though America stealth club is finally opening its doors to new members  17 countries are joining forces with the US  to build the have 35 Joint Strike Fighter overseas allies will benefit  from America stealthy expertise  however there’s a reluctance to share his sophisticated technology  the US is vested many billions of dollars in developing  could become the preeminent instead of Technology and  I don’t think it points to give that away willy-nilly to  people who need seller to get competition with the US  on the other hand there’s usually a desire for some cooperation with our  allies  other countries continue research  development and production I love superior machines  and we want to stay a step ahead  we don’t want fair fight we want our people to go into the area of conflict  with Supreme advantage  so they can dominate in the theater the US military still put its faith in  future in stealth  so how many deep black programs currently exist  the air force actually contacted me the person to contact me is a very  clearance  has been involved in black programs as well life visitors 16 programs are  evaluating for declassification  which former mayor so if there are more black projects buried in the pentagon  budget what are some of the latest and greatest else gadgetry  some say scientists are developing a technology  that were outperform any Las Vegas magic act  24 or daytime stealth would make an airplane blend into any environment  just like a chameleon airplanes would be covered with reactive skins  which would since you color greatness surrounding  and the information will be collected  and the image would be projected onto the aircraft  here’s the change the color for change the  contrast intensity pain flight by chemical or electric means  were being worked on in the early eighties and no doubt would be would  continue  hairstyles technology has provided the US  with a fantastic insurance package global  their dominance for at least the next 20 to 30 years  but what about the next 100 years what does the future hold  for stealth airplanes you could see some very wild designs  in the future the capabilities that you gain  with digital fly by wire systems  where we’re not relying so much on  aerodynamic shape at the airplane on my very last conversations would enrich  who was the retired president talked about what’s  happening in the future  said Jim we have things in the Nevada desert  better fifty years no I would you can comprehend if you sing  StarCraft uses Star Wars you with the science fiction book we’ve already been  there done that  people running around saying they were seeing UFO’s in the middle the Fatah  desert  that they were seeing what was course the stealth fighter so  many people say that the perfects still shape is a source  then that would be your optimum still fear