No Waiting In Line At Restaurants Anymore

Developed by restaurant chains and for restaurant users, making the visit more pleasant and more enjoyable in the new century of technology we are in.

The new software was released back in November 2012 the real time manager software from the Science Works, is able to collect data form multiple customers that are about to pay their bill which the system than provides other people before even coming to the restaurant of how many seats are available and receive real time star reviews from customers.

This new system is integrated to the more than 400 restaurants  chains in Japan which is used by %90 of the population in Japan.

The best thing about this cool system that it doesn’t require people to work on it to make it work it all works automatically

The aim for for this cool new restaurant software is expected to increase to more than a 1000 restaurants in Japan.

No Waiting In Line At Restaurants Anymore (Video)