EZViz Mini Trooper Camera Review

You are probably looking at the description here to see what is the battery life because you forgot to mention that on the video, !!! I got you covered 🙂 the battery life for the EZViz Camera is around 9 Months, pretty awesome if you ask me.

My first impressions on the EZViz Mini Trooper Camera is the built quality is very high, it’s a very solid build piece which feels expensive which I love.

The EZViz camera does an amazing job when it comes to the mounting it’s the easiest I’ve seen and the night vision is really a night vision which works amazing perfect for WiFi camera security and surveillance.

The Local storage can be up to 128GB that’s a little overkill you won’t need that much, we already get an included 8GB which is pretty good when it comes to WiFi camera security and surveillance.

This camera gives you Motion Alerts and you will get a notification on your smartphone as soon as motion is detected which there is also Audio Recording as well.

The setup was very simple which I didn’t include it in the video because it was pointless because everything is very straightforward and very easy to setup for anyone.

Some of the things I wish this camera had: 1080p camera and free cloud storage like some of its competitors. But other than that the EZViz Mini Trooper is a great WiFi camera security and surveillance.