Computer Hardware We Can’t Do Without

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Computer Hardware We Can’t Do Without

Computer technology is moving ever forward with changes to the way we work and the methods we use to produce work constantly being reviewed. However whilst we may now use ‘the cloud’ to save documents and use programs which are in the virtual domain to write documents, we’ll always need a certain amount of hardware to perform the tasks we do.


Some of the essential hardware you simply couldn’t do without includes:

The computer keyboard is one piece of hardware it would be almost impossible to live without. Yes, touchscreens are becoming more popular but for the day-to-day tasks which may of us have to complete, a simple device such as the computer keyboard is imperative.
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A computer monitor is your visual window into the online world. And it proves how important computer monitors are that all the major phone manufacturers are increasing their screen display size rather than making it smaller. Monitors are quite cheap now and are seen as a disposable item which rarely goes wrong, but without a keyboard you’d be unable to work.


A basestation might just be a place where all your peripherals can connect or it may be a stand-alone PC which is connected to the network. Some base stations are just places which provide a port to connect your portable laptop device. Whichever option you have you’ll still need somewhere things can be plugged in, even if it’s just a power source.
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Network connectivity
Without a connection to the internet or internal network your computer will be just about useless. Our reliance on WiFi technology combined with our thirst for knowledge has led us to develop network technology to such a degree that it’s common for us to now have a network at home where things such as printers, PDAs and tablets can connect.

Even in this digital age a printer still holds a significant importance. And while we might not have a printer connected directly to our computer any longer there will be at least one printer connected to a network which can be used by a huge number of people.

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Wireless routers
If you want to provide a wireless connection you’ll need a wireless router. The new wireless standard for laptops is 802.11n but you’ll need to check any laptops you have support this before choosing a new router or upgrading your old one. If it does support this standard you’ll be able to benefit from increased user range and faster speeds.

Megan Jones uses computer hardware every day and even though she dislikes change has embraced the new technology. She uses for network support.

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