The new Microsoft Windows 8.1 update is going to have many cool features and improvements the coolest features that stand out are these ones,


1. The start menu is back in the new windows 8.1  the start menu button stands out as a semi transparent even if you have other programs open


2. The 8.1 Update is going to have the support for 3D Printers which many will be happy no need to install the drivers and having a hard time installing a cool new 3d printer.


3. The cool new hand free mode, is another cool feature which will not make you screen dirty when your hands are dirty , the new features works pretty much like kinect it uses the web cam so you can wave your hand and control menus and other cool stuff.


4. The univeral search is another feature which will make things just a little faster for some , as now the search will have websearch and file / software search in one place.

5.  Apps just like in the tablets makings things look cool and the way we acces music and maps just making it a better experience for us.