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Game design has been simplified by enchant.js

[dropcap1]E[/dropcap1]nchant.js is making gamer’s and developers come a little closer together, enchant.js has come up with an enjoyable game design which even children can learn to do.

By creating HTML 5 games there will be much more free games in the net, mainly html 5 is replacing flash and now people have more reasons why they like html 5.

[quote_box author=”diginfo” profession=””]”Our vision is that a fourth of all human beings can become programmers. Thinking about studying programming — when children try to create a game program, you know, the kids have been studying various math functions in school without really knowing what they’re used for. But trigonometric functions come up all the time in creating games. So kids will suddenly see the value in those functions they’ve been studying without knowing why.”[/quote_box] What makes enchant.js different, it simplifies game design by making it fun to create games, with not much ocoding required and the easy way of explaining this is by placing things in the environment and selecting the appropriate motion for the character in the game. The other cool thing it supports physics, easy Game Development


Source: Diginfo