Guide: 5 Tips On Becoming A Pro Gamer



In order to reach the top and be able to consider yourself a professional gamer, there are a few techniques that you need to implement into your gaming life in order to make it to the top. These strategies will improve your gaming ability and will put you ahead of the competition. Let’s get started!

1. Research Gear Stats

When gearing up your character it’s important to know what stats will be best. There are always those stats that people go for on your class, but is there something better? Perhaps instead of so much attack damage there could be a certain critical chance amount that would increase your damage? Do the math and figure it out!

2. Test

You should always test any changes you make to your character. This could be anything from gear to your ability rotation, or even a change in your controls. Make sure that your character is improving with each change. Also, always make changes one at a time. Several changes at once will make it hard to tell what went wrong if there is a problem, or what could be further improved.

3. Come Up With Strategies And Combinations

One of the biggest pieces that separates a professional gamer from an average gamer is their ability to come up with new gaming techniques and combos. Take some time from actually playing the game and brainstorm. Write your ideas down, and then try to test them. Give each strategy a few tries, you can’t be expected to master it on the first attempt. If things work, consider using it. Otherwise, drop it and move onto your next idea. Keep your ideas unique from what most players would try to do.

4. Practice

Practice makes perfect, right? Try using everything that you’ve put together in real situations. See when things work, and when they don’t. This will help you decide what type of players or characters your strategies work on, and when they are countered. It will also improve your personal gaming abilities.

Not only should you practice your techniques, but you should practice putting yourself in difficult spots and getting out of them. It is the gamers that can pull out of tight situations by surprising their opponents that come out on top. The element of surprise is the number one most effective method at beating opponents in a video game.

5. Back To The Drawing Board

Alright, so maybe everything has worked so far up to this point. Does that mean your job is done? Nope, it has only begun. Keep coming back to the drawing board to try and improve. Come up with ideas that are out of the box and unusual. You might exploit something that is overpowered that developers didn’t even catch.


These steps will help you become a professional gamer. Of course, skill is important too, but you will have to gain that on your own. Keep on gaming and never give up on your dream!

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