How Different Would Life Be Without Mobile Phones?


How Different Would Life Be Without Mobile Phones?


Could you imagine a world without mobile phones? It’s difficult isn’t it? For most of us the thought of being without our phone for even a minute is unimaginable. We get twitchy when we are separated from them as we pass through airport security and can’t wait to secure a network on disembarkation from a plane.


So how would we cope with everyday living without them?

Believe it or not it’s not impossible, it just feels like it. Before this handy little gadget was invented folk would rely on their home landlines. And the sensible would wait until the evening to make their calls at a cheaper rate. That’s all well and good, but what about when you needed to make a call when you were out and about? Fortunately public telephones were dotted about to facilitate this need. The only problem was they were often mistaken for toilets or puzzles that people felt the need to dismantle, rendering them out of order.

Do public telephones still exist? Are the iconic red telephone boxes just the property of London now? Are they purely for tourist photo opportunities or can you still use them to make a call? Note to self: Google telephone boxes from mobile later.


Wake Up Call

Wake up call

One thing is for sure, most of us wouldn’t be able to get up for work without our mobiles. Yes that sounds ridiculous, but many of us use the alarm feature for just this purpose. Of course we all had alarm clocks once upon a time, but they are now lined up in charity shop windows collecting dust.


What’s your number?

You could argue that mobile phones have severely hampered our ability to remember telephone numbers. In fact we’ve replaced this capability with trying to remember how to operate certain underused features of our phone. But at least we are still getting our mental exercise, so it’s not all bad.


pen and paper

Do you have a pen and paper?

No need, I’ll just make a note of it on my phone. Apps are a fantastic addition to mobile technology allowing us to make notes and save memos. They can also aid many other tasks such as learning another language, calculating how much money you’ve saved from giving up smoking and finding out who was top of the charts the day you were born. Essential stuff like that.


Teenagers don’t know how lucky they are

Thankfully mobiles have moved on since the cumbersome phones of the 1980s. Back then only the wealthy could afford to cart round the huge car-like batteries required to power the new technology. Probably in a Rolls Royce. The youth of today wouldn’t be seen dead with such a monstrosity. Fortunately they are blessed with aesthetically designed iPhones and sleek smartphones complete with essential Phone Insurance.

The conclusion, life today would be very different without mobile phones. A whole generation would have grown up differently and we’d still be searching for coins in our pockets to make a call.

Rob Rudd enjoys the simple things in life such as a sunny day or a walk along the beach. When it’s time to work though, he also enjoys penning articles on his favourite subject of gadetry and technology.