Video games are a fascination for children as well as adults. They love themselves to be called as game freaks. In their spare time they turn on their video games and spend hours before it. Now there is good news for all the ardent game lovers. Nintendo console device will bring a chance to play more and win more. It would help the game lovers to experience a new exciting aspect while playing their favourite games at their own desired places. This device contains extremely advanced features which would raise the level of gaming experience.
The gadget gets updated constantly with the passage of time; the advance forms are now available in the technical market.
The 3Ds Nintendo is the new up gradation of the console device Nintendo, and its one step ahead of the DS series. As soon as it came in the market there was a huge response received from the game fans.

Know more about the R4 3DS

Nintendo introduces r4 3ds, the next level gaming experience that you have been waiting for! There is a little difference between the r4 and the game cartridges that you use to play on the Nintendo DS.
While you are using the r4 card, the micro storage data card is kept fit at the backside of the flash cards of R4i. The advantage to this technique is that you will have more amount of space for the storage of files and the gaming applications.


R4’s Salient Features

The small and light weighted gaming device has 3 cameras, from that 2 are used for capturing the 3 dimensional pictures and the camera which is inside is placed on the top head of the screen.
If you observe the bottom part of the screen it would remind you of the touch screen formation. They weren’t upgraded in the market earlier in the series of DS devices.

The usage of r4 cards will lead you to explore a completely new area of gaming world. Nintendo will not just remain a video game device now. The player would be able to browse the internet, can listen to the music, can watch his selective movies and can also read books online
The r4 cards can now power up to the memory card of 32 GB. It is easily accommodated with the Ds lite, Dsi and Dsi XL.  So it is obvious that r4 card’s updated device works for all types of consoles the latter and the former ones.
The head screen is autostreoscopic i.e. it adds binocular perception of the 3 dimensional images. This will delete the use of the special glasses which the user was supposed to wear while watching a 3d effect.
Comes with advanced surfing features.

What do the R4 Cards Do ?

Following the advanced formation, the r4 cards aid the gamer to have the best experience ever given by the Nintendo 3 dimensional device.
It contains huge amount of storage data space. This allows Nintendo to act as a speedy browser and with more capacity of downloading and storing files in a minimum amount of time limit.
If you are a music lover, this will put up with your expectations. While playing you can hear your favourite music or watch videos whenever and wherever you want.

Well, when you have a Nintendo 3 DS, having the R4 cards for 3DS series become really very important. However, you can face difficulty regarding buying these cards. Therefore, going online to shop the cards is the best option for you. From the genuine online websites, you come to know all the features and the price of the cards before buying it. It even helps you purchase the cards at best.

Using R4 in the Nintendo 3DS

The function of r4 card becomes absolutely necessary in the Nintendo 3 DS device. It may turn out that you cannot buy these cards very easily, so choose the internet. Go online and look for the authentic website and try buying these cards. All the additional upgraded features will be shown and you will come to know which one is the best to buy in accordance to the price level.

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