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Before you purchase a Mirror TV, you have to know what the product really is. Mirror TV’s are considered to be highly advanced technological gadgets while they can be integrated to your home’s interior. So, what is a Mirror TV? Simply put, a mirror TV is a two-way polarized mirror which consists of an embedded LCD TV. Due to the polarized effect of the mirror you can view the television when the device is switched on while otherwise it ideally serves as a mirror. Initially designed for hotels and spas, the mirror TV has now become a modern house must have.

So, what do you think the features are of a Mirror TV and why do you think you should purchase it? Usually high quality Mirror TV’s consists of touch screen facilities and a tamper proof mirror while the device is web enabled. The TV can be mounted where you want it to be including bathrooms. The mirrors are of a fog free quality. The mirror TV is considered to be a fashionable investment while many high end clients do not hesitate to purchase them for their modern homes. The main advantage of a mirror TV other than it being a stylish and modern technological equipment is that is blends in with any type of interior design due to the mirror quality.




There are certain facts that you should consider before purchasing a mirror TV of your choice. The thinner the television is the better for you.  Prior to the purchase, always decide on a size since there are a range of sizes to choose from, decide on where you are going to hang the Mirror TV and also the brand and warranty period since there are many well known brands who are developing Mirror TV’s for consumer use regularly.




You can choose a TV that has wireless external speakers. You may wonder why? You can certainly avoid the cable and wire mess when you choose wireless speakers. Always consider the mounting supports. You will most probably be hanging the TV so the supports should be strong enough to hold the weight. Try to have a considerable gap between the frame of the Mirror TV and the wall so that the device does not heat up. It is wise to get a professional who works for the same company that you purchased the TV to come and install the device since you do not have to worry about any shortages.

Mirror TV


Mirror TV – Facts that you should Know

So why should you buy a Mirror TV? It’s slimmer and lighter than usual LCD or plasma TV’s. The Mirror TV can also be mounted on walls like any other flat screen TV. The device’s dual functionality as well as water proof mirrors is ideal for home use especially in damp and wet environments. For those who prefer the latest technology at all times and for those tech savvy individuals out there, the mirror TV is the ideal purchase. You can also use it as a bed side dressing mirror.


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