The ever rotating wheels of technology have been a boon for mankind. Technology has always provided lucrative products from time to time. It has constantly upgraded the society. Things which were not possible earlier are available now. In fact many of them have developed far better than their earlier versions. One could certainly hope for many more astounding products through the help of this aspect.

Technology has covered almost all the fields across the globe. There’s been no such area being unseen or uncovered by the technology either technical or non technical. And in fact it provides many new options while introducing any specific product in the market. The alternative of everything is now available conveniently. The example of any field could be taken in this regard. And the fact is, every time you would find it to be true.

One of the effective uses of technology has been found in the field of telecommunication. No doubt, lots of developments have been done in this field. Gone are the nostalgic days of that heavy black colored landline phone which used to be a volunteer of high standard living. Gradually the things became more perfect and people came across better options. To be more precise, having an access to a phone now is much easier than to have a piece of cake!

The trendiest version of telecommunication has been the mobile or cellular phone. It was a revolution when mobiles were invented. These devices really managed to drag the attention and interest of people due to their astounding features and specifications. These devices gradually became one of the necessities of people. Today mobiles could be found with every age group people whether he is a teenager or a complete matured personality.


Many companies have stepped into the field of cellular phone marketing. And why not? This field is only source to earn excellent profits and high ROIs. Moreover a major part of people take special interest in mobile technologies. Following the protocol to change process, the keypad mobiles have now been replaced by “touch operated” phones. This is again one of the wonderful effects of technology.

There have been many world renowned companies who have really done well and are one of the giants in the field of mobile technology. Their designed devices and gadgets are implemented with classic features and functionality, thus just leaving the people completely irresistible. One of such companies known for its majestic mobile devices has been Sony. The company is in this field since many years and has been unique in terms of its devices.

One of the most famous mobile devices has been the very attractive and very innovative Sony Xperia Z2. The device is known to have some of best and astounding in its range. Giving a tough competition, this device is gradually gaining the popularity among mobile enthusiasts, which has brought this brand into the list of best smart phone manufacturers.

Lets have a quick review of its listed features and designs-

Basics: Sony Xperia Z2 stands high when it comes to its configurations which include:

  • 2.3GHz Qualcom quad-core processor

  • 20.7 megapixel rear camera with 4K video capture

  • 2.2 megapixel 1080p front camera

  • LTE, 802.11ac Wi-Fi

  • Android 4.4

  • Waterproof and dust-resistant

  • 19 hours talk time battery life

  • MSRP: Likely around $600 off-contract

  • 5.2- inch 1920×1080 display


  • Waterproof (not just water-resistant)

  • Camera is top-notch


  • Huge phone

  • Sony services built in on stock elements like Google Now

Other Features:

The phone is just a top performer when it comes to its camera and display. The brand has just added value on the device by installing a strong camera along with the software which makes it best in its range. Apart from that, the battery life of this phone is simply ultimate with an excellent stand by power time.