image source: Flickr/giuseppe.costantino


New York City Restaurant Inspectors Might Just Receive Google Glass what a treat , I think every restaurant inspector should receive some sort of video recording device but receiving a Google Glass just takes it up to the top notch.

The person who suggested this new pilot program is the Councilman Vincent Ignizio which he is only testing with the 10 percent of the health inspectors which will be the lucky winners.

The only thing that stands in the way at the moment is the pricing they want it and the price it costs, currently the price which they have decided to buy is $200 which I don’t think isn’t going to cut it as the Google Glass costs well over $1500 but you never know this will be a great marketing tool for google and the deal might just go through if both parties agree on the terms.

This is the perfect timing to decide to do this as Google is opening up the store to have a chance to buy Google Glass one day only the requirements stand age of over 18 and being a U.S. resident of course , and the price is only $1500 plus tax of course hopefully you have that laying around somewhere here is the Google link for all the info about the registration so you can buy a pair of Google Glass.

Check out Cool Google Glass Interface Up Close Video while you wait to see what happens if this lucky 10 percent of Restaurant Inspectors are getting it.