Samsung 2015 Tv’s will be able to stream Playstation games directly to your Samsung Tv, pretty amazing if you ask me.

The Playstation now is a service where game streaming is made possible just like grid from Nvidia and Onlive which makes it possible to stream games over the internet.

The cool partnership with Sony and Samsung is that you will be able to connect your dual shock 4 controller ,and be able to enjoy PS games without the need of a PS console.

But wait when it comes to game streams there always tend to be a big big problem latency which everyone hates.

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This is a breakthrough into gaming not so much the future I think ,as it’s not going to be the same game experience due to less clear image and the lag that will exist.

The current requirements for internet speed is more than 5mb.

This is very exiting news that this happening with Tv’s as there will be no need for a console for those who are not hardcore gamers it will be a nice touch to the future of Samsung Tvs.

Samsung will showcase the new upcoming TVs with the built-in game streaming engine from Playstation now which makes all of this possible.

via: sammobile