The Benefits Of Android Training

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 The Benefits Of Android Training


Anyone who knows about the world of computing knows that Android is the most popular mobile platform in the entire world.  Android is the platform that powers millions and millions of mobile devices in nearly 200 countries all around the world.  Android can bring you games, apps, books, movies, music and similar digital content.


During the course of Android training, students learn how to work in an Eclipse based development environment, they learn the unique Android OS architecture, audio and video playback and how to support a multitude of languages.  They will also learn GUI development, how access data from files and how to sell their own applications in the Android marketplace.
For developers, Android enables you to create games and apps for all of those Android users and distribute them instantly through an open marketplace.  Android training is one of the most intelligent things a developer can do, and it has many benefits.

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Modern technology just isn’t the same since Android burst onto the scene, and anyone who spends time around other people can see that the obsession with Android is real and it’s growing.  Here are a few of the benefits for developers.

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Expanding Your Skills

You may have decent or even exemplary programming skills, but Android training will help take you to a new level.  The fact that Android is always growing means that once you learn the basic concepts and principles, your skill set will grow right along with it.

Escritorio Android MIUI (Febrero 2012)


Working with Experts

Android training in a class setting will enable you to work with experts in the field who have actually created the types of apps and games that you aspire to create.  Working with an expert, you will learn how to blend the scientific, technical skills with the creativity that’s necessary to make apps and games that the public are drawn to.  Many developers have that creative side in there somewhere, but it just needs a little coaching to be unleashed.


Financial Rewards

It’s pretty much a given that after you complete Android training and start applying what you learn that your finances will get a nice boost.  You can get a well-paying job at an IT-type company, or you will go it alone and develop games and apps to sell on the open market.  Either way, the skills you’ve learned will translate into a living you can be proud of.


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