The Future Of Smartphones And Mobile Innovation

google glass the future of smartphones

The Future Of Smartphones And Mobile Innovation

It was not too many years ago that the very first smartphones were impressing us with their nifty features, touchscreens and ability to do just about anything and everything. Since then however, there have been many mobile changes – so many in fact, that it is too easy to become almost blasé about the latest Android or Apple innovations.

With Google Glass and other technological wonders fast approaching, this is a good time to take a look at how smartphones are getting smarter, and how future generations may just be using the mobile medium in a whole new way.

How is Mobile Technology Evolving?

Do you remember how it felt the first time you swiped your fingers across your shiny, brand new iPhone screen? Or how about the first moment you browsed the Google Play store to see thousands of apps – all of them free to download?

You may not remember those little leaps forward right now, and chances are good that you may not remember the following innovations once they become mainstream too. Here are some of the mobile trends that are making their way into everyday life as you read this article:

Eye Scanning

There is already talk of the new Samsung Galaxy S4 using this software feature, which will effectively allow you to navigate up and down the page using just your eyes. Facial recognition is something that current handsets feature right now, and even apps like Facebook are learning how to ‘read’ facial markers to tag people automatically in photos. So eye scanning, cool as it may be, isn’t such a new thing really, is it?

Hands Free

First, there was hands free – those headsets that made people look like they were talking to themselves, and helped prevent more than a few accidents on the road. But while these were ‘on the go’ options, devices such as Google Glass will truly eliminate the need to touch your phone at all. Instead, your mobile world appears for your eyes only, in the form of a snazzy pair of glasses. And yes, eye scanning may well come into play here too.

User Tracking

Heard about the new Facebook Home yet? This was launched very recently, and even though it is not an actual Facebook phone, or an OS, it may as well be. Download this launcher app, and you will be hooked into the FB web like never before. Apparently, privacy is not something to be alarmed about; however with Places and advertising already a vital component of the Book’s modus operandi, it’s hard to tell just how much info will be tracked. Google Glass will track your movements too by the way – and quite likely the movements of those around you as well.

Is this just the beginning of what we will all take for granted in another few years? And is it true that as Mark Zuckerberg once said, privacy is no longer a commodity in our world of technology and innovation?

Whatever the case, perhaps we should try and retain a bit of that wonder for the way our smartphones are right now. Whether you are on team Android, iPhone or even BlackBerry, there’s no telling what your favourite phone provider will come out with in the next couple years. 

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