The Internet is a fully integrated part of our lives. There is never a moment where we are not tethered to an electronic device that has Internet access—that is just the way our lives function in today’s society. With how familiar we are with the Internet there is still so much we don’t know about it. There are hidden gems and secrets all over the online world just waiting to be discovered. Did you know you could take online singing lessons? Or did you know that you could travel back in time on the Internet, literally? Here are some of the Internet’s best-kept secrets that you may not already know about.

Become a Time Traveler

Who doesn’t feel a bit nostalgic about the past every now and then? Did you ever wonder what your favorite website looked like 20 years ago? Well, with Wayback Machine you can travel back in time, on the Internet that is, and view your favorite sites as they were in the 1990s through the early 2000s. Watch sites like Google grow from their beta editions to now by viewing the cached versions of the site in Wayback Machine, it is quite a sight.

Speak Your Mind

Ever want to tell people what you really think about them, but knew you simply could not do so? With Sharpmail, you can. Sharpmail offers two services to let you speak the truth: an anonymous email service and an anonymous SMS messaging service. You can now ease your mind by saying all the things you knew needed to be said under the protection of anonymity. You can even schedule when the messages are being sent so that you are with the person when they receive them—how could it have possibly been you, you were standing right there! The messages are completely untraceable as the software erases your IP and all data that could identify your computer or location.

Sneaky Ring Shopper

We all know you can shop for rings online, but the trouble about buying an engagement ring is always discretely finding out your significant other’s ring size. Now you don’t have to think of an off-handed way to say ‘beautiful weather we are having, wow you have slim fingers, what size are they?’ You can simply measure the rings she already owns right on your computer screen at Find My Ring Size. All you will need is a credit card or driver’s license (to calibrate size) and one of her rings she already wears. From there it is just a few clicks and you have your ring size!

Learning to Sing from the Comfort of Home

It is not a new phenomenon to be able to take singing lessons at home, after all, plenty of singing coaches have worked by coming to people’s homes rather than having a studio they worked out of. But did you know that you could take online singing lessons, granting you access to professional singers from around the world to help you in your quest to become a better singer.

The Internet is becoming larger and larger every day, what secrets will you find next?

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Ashely is a recent college greaduate that enjoys writing about technology. To see more, check out her Twitter @ashelymarie1985.

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