Most Exotic Cars

If money is no object then it is the perfect time to test drive some exotic vehicles and enjoy the opulence, luxury, and exquisite craftsmanship very few people are privy to. Excotic cars come in a variety of styles in order to satisfy the most demanding connoisseur. There are handmade exotic sports cars, limited edition, super luxury sedans, and opulent, state of the art, chauffeured saloons.


 Rolls Royce Ghost

Rolls Royce Ghost

The Rolls Royce Ghost provides refined luxury with ingenious engineering. Passengers of this fine vehicle can easily enter and exit via rear-hinged, wide opening doors that provide a highly dramatic effect. For more cosseting and refinement, the interior is adorned with wood veneer, soft wool carpet, and supple hand-stitched leather throughout. The headliner features a cashmere blend covering that can be complemented with a Panorama sunroof.


 Maybach 62 S

Maybach  62 - CC1
The Maybach 62 S is a prestigious car that exudes technical precision, excellent craftsmanship and ingenuity. The vehicle is made beautiful with countless design touches that immediately capture anyone’s attention. With details like chrome fog lights, headlamps that match the vehicle color, and twin louvre grill, the Maybach 62 S is almost unmatched on the pavement. Add to that its generous power and agile handling, and you have yourself an exquisite carriage for your journeys.

Lamborghini Aventador J

Lamborghini Aventador J, luxorium

The Lamborghini Aventador J is an exclusive, limited edition vehicle that is truly a work of art. This amazing vehicle combines the performance of the Lamborghini Aventador with overwhelming power and handling. With its unique open design that removes the windshield and roof, you must be well equipped to get behind the wheel at open it up to full throttle.

McLaren 12C Spider

McLaren MP4-12C Spider

The McLaren 12C SPider is fully inspired by Formula 1 racing and is led by engineering specifications to provide exquisite performance and luxury on a car that can dominate the road or track.

 The Bentley Continental GT Speed

Bentley Continental GT Convertible Speed

The Bentley Continental GT Speed is the fastest sports coupe made by the renowned automobile manufacturing legends. Despite its dedication to power and performance, it still overwhelms the senses with Bentley’s signature luxury accoutrements and design.

 Aston Martin V12 Zagato

Aston Martin V12 Zagato on Pirelli P Zero Tire

The Aston Martin V12 Zagato is an homage to one of the legendary cars of Aston Martin’s past, DB4 GT Zagato. It is a handcrafted vehicle that brings 21st century design to a classic vehicle. coupled with its award winning design, is performance that has been tested on the most demanding tracks.

 Bugatti Grand Sport Vitesse

Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse, luxorium

Bugatti’s Grand Sport Vitesse boasts a Super Sport inspired design with technological refinements the Grand Sport. You get exquisitely detailed power and handling coupled with luxurious details that will leave you breathless. It is currently the fastest roadster in the world, and looks immaculate breaking records and defining benchmarks in the industry.

If money is truly no object, these vehicles will provide the luxury expected of such wealth. Your can have your choice of four door saloon or windshield-less roadster, and everything in between, or simply buy them all.

Most Exotic Cars

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