Variable Speed Drives – What They Are and amp Their Benefits

Variable frequency drives are a definite boon to your business if you use any sort of large motor that draws considerable power. Here’s a little about them to help you decide for yourself.

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What is a Variable Frequency Drive?

A variable frequency drive (VFD) is an adaptable speed drive used in electronic devices that control three-phase electric motor speeds. They are also known as variable-speed drives, adjustable frequency drives, micro drives or AC drives.


What can it do?

VFDs are used in applications all the way from small appliances up to the largest of drives and compressors. They are used in automation industries, industrial industries and agricultural industries. It can be used for irrigation and water to control fan and pump speed in various systems.

We can change the speed of a motor by altering the frequency applied to it. You could adjust motor speed by a number of other ways, but would be more costly and time-consuming. If you are not using VFDs you are wasting energy and tossing money out of the window.



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    • Drives can reduce fan noise and ductwork rumble. This reduces complaints of excess noise.
    • Drives reduce the number of amps needed during motor starting. This lowers electric bill charges.
    • Drives are cheaper to maintain than other types of controls.
    • Drives are soft-starting to reduce wear and tear on motors, belts, couplings and other major system workings.
    • Drives provide precise and repeatable control of HVAC settings. This eliminates constant readjustments.



What are the benefits of using a Variable Frequency Drive?

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In the United States, it’s estimated that 60-65% of electrical energy is used to supply motors, 75% of which could be saved by technologies such as VFDs

Drives designs continue to improve. Drives come in smaller packages with each leap forward. It’s like a personal computer, with every generation there are more features, better performance, and lower cost. Drives are more and more becoming “plug and play.” As power components advance in reliability and fall in size, the cost and size of VFDs will continue to drop. While all that is going on, their performance will only get better.



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Considering A VFD?

As you can see, an investment in variable frequency drives can only help you to save money, time, and energy. All those savings mean more money for you as profit, and that is the name of the game.



Variable Speed Drives – What They Are and amp Their Benefits

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