Ways A Private Detective Can Catch A Liar Including Using A Polygraph Test

polygraph test


Polygraph Test ing

Polygraph testing is perhaps one of the most obvious methods of investigation that we have at our disposal for catching out a liar and is more commonly known as a lie detection test. The test works by measuring the main physical indicators that are present when someone is not telling the truth, these are pulse, respiration, skin conductivity and blood pressure. The individual that is being tested will be attached to machines that will monitor these indicators as they are asked a series of questions relevant to your case. If the indicators are raised during the questioning this means that the individual is not telling the truth.




There are several different types of surveillance that are available to us for use in investigations which makes it one of the most flexible and adaptable methods we have at our disposal. From hidden cameras on a person or in a restricted area to a team of operatives carrying out mobile surveillance on a moving target, there is a method to suit every case and situation. If the liar you wish to have investigated is someone you have encountered in a professional environment we can carry out surveillance on the individual to see how they really behave in the workplace, or if in your personal life, a private detective can find out a liar with discretion so that you can be sure of the results.


Background Checks

Employee Background Checks (EBC)

Perhaps it is an individual or an institution that you think sounds too good to be true or a prospective new employee or partner who has some blanks or confusing details in their past. Whatever the reason, private detectives are highly trained and experienced in undertaking a series of checks into the background of an individual that you have brought to the detectives attention These checks can uncover truths like employment references, criminal history and many other details like past addresses and connections that can create a much fuller portrait of an individual and verify any details in your possession and assess them for truth.




Google Earth GPS Tracking Data

GPS Tracking

GPS or vehicle tracking is a method of investigation that, as the name suggests, involves the monitoring of the whereabouts of a vehicle by means of a small device attached discreetly to the underneath of a targeted car. The system works using satellite technology that allows us to see where a vehicle is travelling, what speed they are travelling at and where and if there are any stops. The information that this case can provide can be invaluable in cases of infidelity for example, where you may be questioning the location of a partner or spouse.



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What A Detective Can Do For You

Whatever the reason or need for your case, there will always be something that a private detective can do for you. Any investigation begins with a consultation session between you and a member of a detective team who will discuss with you the requirements and limitations of your case and the different methods of investigation that could be relevant to your situation. At every stage of the investigation that follow, you will be consulted on the action that has taken place, what has been found and how the case will proceed and at the end of the investigation you will be presented with a full report of all our findings that will include video and photographic evidence that can be used in legal proceedings

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