Toyota vehicles are renowned for their durability and long-lasting appeal. Today a whole new generation of car buyers is experiencing the Toyota legacy for themselves. The Scion auto marque has taken the world by storm and drawn a lot of attention from critics, professional drivers, and everyday customers alike. People have lauded Scion’s innovative styling, cutting-edge technological options, and sporty attitude. Perhaps best of all, these forward-thinking vehicles come with many decades’ worth of solid Toyota reputation behind them. Clearly these new vehicles have a lot to offer to the discerning customer.

Though new cars are without doubt an excellent investment, not everyone wants to deal with the new car price tag. They might feel that making monthly car payments for several years is too much commitment or they might want to try out a particular vehicle brand before purchasing a brand new car. Whatever your personal reason might be, Toyota certified pre-owned cars, including pre-owned Scions, deserve a closer look.

A Car That is New to You

Toyota pre-owned cars give you the chance to have the new car experience you want without the new car price. And since each pre-owned Scion that is purchased with a Toyota certified pre-owned guarantee is backed with the full faith of the Toyota company, you can feel confident that you will not get any of the unpleasant surprises that come from buying a used car from a stranger.

Toyota’s Certified Pre-Owned Program

When shopping for the latest Scions from an authorized pre-owned dealer, you will be seeing the final result of a comprehensive program intended to deliver the very best pre-owned vehicles to customers just like you. The program consists of certification, 160-point inspection, and a warranty.


Certification is a rigorous process that can be applied to any current model year Toyota or Scion or to a model that is up to six years old with an odometer record of 85,000 miles or less. This standard helps ensure that each pre-owned vehicle reaches its new owner in like-new condition. Each vehicle that passes this standard can then be fed into the trusted CARFAX database to get a clearer picture of the vehicle’s actual history. This report will inform the dealer of any facts that the previous owner did not disclose. If you would like to know more about the CARFAX report on a pre-owned vehicle you are considering purchasing, simply ask your dealer.

Presented By Scion


To fully qualify for Toyota’s pre-owned certification a vehicle must pass a comprehensive inspection. This inspection goes through 160 points of examination. This examination gives auto technicians precise information about what improvements need to be made to the vehicle before it is ready for sale. This exhaustive inspection process helps ensure that only the very best vehicles make it onto the pre-owned lot. These are just a few of the points that are included on this inspection:

  • Cold engine performance
  • No abnormal noises or vibration during brake application
  • Exterior panel alignment and fit
  • Power steering system integrity
  • All hoses and drive belts are secure and free from wearing and cracks
  • Exhaust system secure and free of leaks
  • Tire tread depth
  • Drive shaft and axle shaft free from damage and operating correctly


The warranty that comes along with every Toyota certified pre-owned Scion is one of the most comprehensive in the auto industry. The warranty package includes a seven year/100,000 mile limited powertrain warranty, twelve month/12,000 mile limited comprehensive warranty, and a year of Roadside Assistance. This warranty package is an extension of each vehicle’s original factory warranty; it protects against breakdowns and mechanical failures.

Whether you opt for a new or pre-owned Toyota vehicle, you can feel confident that you are taking home one of the most reliable cars you will ever own. Scions have proven to be real crowd-pleasers and these stylish vehicles are sure to have many features you will love.