Would You Trust Your Car To Drive You Frugal System (Video)


The frugal autonomous system for any car is on the research sate where they are testing this new system. Are you going to be willing to trust a computer to drive you to your destination while you have family in the car.

You might say no but just like everything else that we would have said no in the past now people think its normal, like the self parking cars that are available now which do parallel parking by itself.



The self driving cars the system at the moment are a little expensive to built that’s why they are looking into much cheaper part’s such as cheaper sensors .


This is a learning system that has 3d moving sensors that sense the environment in 3d so it will see in 360 mode for any unexpected changes that may happen around you.



By learning system I mean that after you drive to work  or someplace better the system will learn the route which it will remember the next time you activate the system to drive you to work while you eat your breakfast.




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