Piezo Speakers Thick As a Dime (Video)

The piezo film speaker from Kyocera are only 1mm thick  with a weight of a 7g is able to create the same audio volume as a conventional speakers we use today which the size exceeding the 1mm mark and the wight exceeding the 7g by a long shot.

The amazing Piezo film speakers is able to reproduce sounds equally across a 180 radius, the plan for the company is to make this for future mobile devices and using it in vehicles.

The Piezo film speakers from Kyocera is being used on the new generation of curved TV’s from LG, what this mean this product has a very big potential with many other products using this film speaker and just making small things sound great, as we know it most of the things we own with speakers such as laptops and our smartphone the sound quality isn’t that great and its not that loud either.


Piezo Speakers Thick As a Dime (Video)

What do you think will this products have a future, please leave a comment I would love to hear the feedback .

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