Music In Films

Regardless of the person in question, everyone seems to have their favorite films and the ones that they dig out on a number of different occasions to watch once again. There are the ones that made you laugh and still do, those that scared you a little or a lot, the ones you remember watching with friends, and those that still hit that raw emotional point within you. Films are hugely influential as they tend to weave together and tell stories of human beings and the endless amount of adventures that can be had and the feelings that are brought up as a result, and this is the reason that we are able to feel something when we watch them.
There are of course cases to the contrary but in the majority of films there will always be music used in one way or another, whether it is a piece of classical music to give an air of elegance to the specific setting, or a song or instrumental from a frantic and fast-paced genre that is chosen to represent what the character you are watching is going through. Throughout many, many decades there have been masses of movies out there that have drawn on this globally used convention and this is likely to be the case time and time again in the future. If you have ever pondered why it is such an important device in film, and indeed in life, then here are some of the biggest reasons why.

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Music In Films

Offers insight into a character
The aim of the film maker is to try to communicate with the audience and the characters are central to passing on these messages. In order to create significant moments in films it is first necessary to establish who the characters are, what their story is and why the audience should feel some kind of emotion for them. Music is one of the possible tools to achieve this and it only takes a matter of seconds for many people to think back to a character they recall being accompanied by a song playing when they made their entrance or at other points during their story.


Sets the emotional tone
In order for sad moments to be possible in a film it is vital for the audience to care about what happens to those on screen. A big way to do this is to take them on a journey with the characters they are watching and music is perfect for those emotional points that pull on the heartstrings.


Causes excitement
In a film, the narrative alone can have a big effect in terms of the emotions experienced by the audience but the addition of a certain piece of music can heighten it all the more. Music is very effective in building the tension before an important happening in a film and it is invariably used to illustrate significance.


Sparks nostalgia
Montages are a very popular device in film and television and the music they are accompanied by is a crucial element. This particular technique can be used in a variety of ways including to indicate how time has passed.


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