There are few things on television that can match “The Real Housewives” when it comes to being a ratings powerhouse and part of the cultural zeitgeist. How does a state or city earn the distinction of getting its own “Real Housewives” show? There are two main components to making a compelling reality TV series like this one. The first thing is the personalities need to be larger than life. The second thing is the stars need to have a great deal of wealth. With these prerequisites in mind, it seems almost too obvious that Texas should be the next state to get the “Real Housewives” treatment.  Why is that? Well, it’s the same reason why Texas is the state seeing the most migration. There can easily be a season of “Real Housewives of Texas,” and here are some of the reasons why:

More Jobs Means More Money

Texas is where the jobs are. It’s in the midst of an oil and gas boom. Texas has always been one big oil town. You’ll hear about it often, and any history of Texas will mention it. Now combine the economic power of oil with the new fascination with natural gas. As everyone knows, energy companies bring in billions of dollars. Certainly, there are executives with families that would make good fodder for a “Real Housewives” run. There would certainly be a huge uptick in business for people like stylists and cosmetic dentists in cities like San Antonio or Houston.

It’s Cheaper to Live

What helps the appearance of glamour more than getting more for less? Not only will these “Real Housewives” be seeing big bucks thanks to the powerful economy, but you also get much more in Texas for the money. The money you’d spend on a brownstone in New York can get you a mansion with some impressive acreage in Texas. It would set up a lot of expansive and sprawling shots that would really show everything is bigger in Texas. The housewives in San Antonio or Houston would put the housewives over in Orange County to shame. Texas offers the best bang for your buck in the country.

Not Much Regulation

This pertains to the above two points, really. Texas is known for its fierce independence. The Lone Star State is known for its low taxes and lax regulations, which has made it quite popular with the business class. Many businesses seek to relocate to Texas because of conditions they find to be optimal for success. This speaks to the overall culture of Texas, which is individualistic, laid back, and unpretentious.

As you can see, Texas is a perfect locale for another “Real Housewives” season. The money is there, the big personalities are there…well, the big everything is there. This is Texas we’re talking about after all. In Texas, everything is bigger; even the personalities. That’s what makes for great TV. If the rest of the country seems to be moving to Texas in droves year after year, shouldn’t one of TV’s most popular shows do so, too?

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