MaxCDN Content Delivery Network Review

Taking seconds off your loading time from your website not only makes your visitors happy , but it also makes search engines happy and fast and efficient website ranks better in search engines.




The Advantages in using MaxCDN:

Better SEO

Happier Visitors

More Revenue


Content delivery network (CDN) meaning

CDN is a system where your most important content such as images and java scripts which take the longest to load, are distributed from servers across the world, so the content opens depending on the visitors geographical location making loading times lightning fast.


What kind of differences in speed can you expect from a MaxCDN:

Here I will show what difference it made for with WordPress and w3 total cache, I was able to achieve this results:

Before Without MaxCDN:

ping slow
After using MaxCDN
ping fast

Depending what kind of website you have the results would be even better, currently these results were achieved with a shared hosting.


MAXCDN has servers all around the world, which allows and makes it easier to distribute content to visitors faster.


Faster Speeds Better SEO

Search engines take into account the website speeds which will help with Google search rankings, Google especially takes speed as an important factor.


The Dashboard from MaxCdn makes it easy to keep track of things like cache , the bandwidth you are using  also being able to see what file is being used the most.


Content delivery network from MaxCDN has changes my websites outcome by cutting of many seconds from the load time that makes me happy and makes my visitors like you even happier, the customer service from MaxCDN is awesome they were able to help me in every way they could because I was new to CDN.

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