Nasa Creating Real Clouds Makes it rain

Many call this a weather modification cloud machine but, this is where Nasa does their testing for their space shuttle solid rock boosters, being able to pull through half a million of gallons of fuel to throttle astronauts into Space.


Once The machine starts working even though you are watching a video, it gives you the chills it just makes the hair on the back of your neck stand up.
A white noise is played through a giant speaker to simulate a noise of a rockets, what this means nothing can be around when the engine is turned on, they even had to remove 5 cemeteries so nothing was around when this was turned on, with one hundred and twenty-five thousands of acres of nothing around the engine testing facility.

nasa cloud

When the engine is started it is able to generator an actual cloud with a mix of hydrogen and oxygen creating water vapor, basically creating a real working weather system which it will rain.  Amazing what the capabilities of the machine and what it can do!
Nasa Creating Real Clouds, many think this is what caused the Mississippi Flooding , The future of warfare would possibly be facilities like this which also exist in other places in some Islands which not many people know about.


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