DARPA’s ARGUS-IS Sees everything you do from 20,000 feet

A 1.8 Gigapixel camera that captures everything you do from 20,000 feet above and it can zoom, to where it can actually see a person moving.

This is perfect to capture a crime being committed, or a car chase being chased by police, just like everything else in the new century everything we have seen in movies is becoming reality now days.

This could only be imagined in movies but now its the real deal all thanks to technology and really smart people

Here is a Video

[youtube link=”https://youtu.be/13BahrdkMU8″ width=”590″ height=”315″]

What is ARGUS-IS

The ARGUS-IS named after the mythological eye and also Autonomous Real time Ground Ubiquitous Surveillance Imagining system.

Basically what this is , its a drone which is able to hover at very high altitudes with great stabilization which is able to maintain tabs of an hundred square miles area, that’s really impressive

The frame rate of which this records is amazing at 15fps considering how much it is recording


[row_box class=”box_white”]The other cool thing the drone can stay up in the sky for a whooping 20 hours which it will be able to capture so much data over that course of time.[/row_box]




The other cool thing the software this carries it can track moving vehicles, people Ubiquitous Surveillance the future will look much brighter for security personnel when this becomes more affordable for more private security and police.

The Camera streams over 1 million terabytes, which would mean there has to be some serious monster computers working down here for it to work all smoothly